A Death Metal band motivates runners in the middle of the marathon


Imagine the site recently when Pittsburgh Marathon runners were digging deep to complete their respective races only to come across members of a death metal band digging deep to deliver guttural and crushing riffs as motivation. This is exactly what happened last Sunday (May 1) with the Leprosy group who showed up to show their support.

In a post shared by the band and guitarist Chris Pawlowski, they said, “Greetings my metal family! Here at Leprosy HQ we care about our community, the welfare of our people and of course our livestock! we’re motivating health and exercise with a METAL LOADED BOAT in our beloved city!! … After much thought, we’ve decided what better than to present our family metal favorites at the 2022 PITTSBURGH MARATHON – Sun 05/01/2022! “

That said, the group showed up at the corner of Frankstown Ave. and Lincoln Ave. at the runaway Mile Marker 19 where they decided to share their “healthy motivational tunes” with the runners.

It turned out that the group had to improvise a bit as thunderstorms flooded parts of the marathon path, forcing them to stray a bit from their intended location. But it didn’t dampen their spirits from delivering metal to marathon runners.

The musical motivation was apparently quite welcome. A marathon runner, Richard Cafaro, sent a message to the band saying, “I completed my first marathon yesterday and I credit your music with pulling me out of a cave of deep pain. Thank you for being there.” which earned him the group’s response, “That’s awesome and congrats on finishing the marathon!! You’re welcome, glad we were able to give you that final boost!”

Another fan shared a video of marathon runners serenaded with killer gutturals while adding, “When people ask me why I love Pittsburgh, I’ll refer them to this video of a local death metal band (Leprosy) playing for the Pittsburgh marathon between thunderstorms after being flooded from their planned marathon venue by a clogged sewer. #keeppghmetal”

Kudos to Leprosy for supporting the runners throughout the marathon and for keeping Pittsburgh metal!

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