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Palm trees on Coronado 600

Silver Lake: Moonlight and palm trees above Coronado Street. Thanks to Daryl Fuji for the photo.

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pedestrians on Whittier boulevard 600

Pedestrians crossing Whittier Boulevard

Create an East LA that is more accessible on foot and more active

Omar Vargas is concerned about the cars driving the neighborhood streets at breakneck speed. Residents cautiously cross busy streets as Whittier Boulevard and are ready to dodge the fast cars. However, it is more difficult for the elderly to do.

“I’m more mobile and I can react faster, but others can’t,” said Vargas, 27.

Vargas and others recently attended a workshop at Salazar Park, where county workers wanted to know what keeps East LA residents from walking and being more active. This information is being collected in part for a county initiative called Policies for liveable communities and active environments, or PLACE.

Alexis Lantz, senior policy strategist in the county’s public health department, said the agency wanted to reduce injuries and chronic illness. To do this, he must determine what is preventing residents from being more active.

“The community knows the streets better,” she said. Residents know what the problems are, where they exist and when they are most serious “depending on the time of day and day of the week”.

Staff from different county departments will travel to public gathering places, such as parks and farmers’ markets, to gather feedback until March. A final plan could be ready in early 2023 after its approval.

Residents who stopped at Salazar Park asked for better lighting, speed bumps and roundabouts (small roundabouts) to slow and calm traffic, a health department official said. Other potential improvements could include planting trees on streets and fixing broken sidewalks.

The county public works department has approximately $ 148 million set aside for improvements in eastern LA

An environment that makes it easier and safer to become more active will have other benefits. Lantz said it will encourage the use of public transport and also reduce road collisions.

That would be a major benefit for East LA, where 41% of motor vehicle collisions involve pedestrians compared to 21% countywide.

Real estate reductions

Featured price cuts this week include $ 21,000 off a El Sereno Traditional; $ 51,000 on a Mont Washington 4 bedrooms with ADU; and an $ 80,000 chop on Hillside home in Montecito Heights.

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Price suppression

Glassell Park: We have all seen supply chain issues trigger inflation. But what if you can’t control your own prices? So it is with CalOx, which supplies medical gases like oxygen and nitrogen to hospitals and clinics. Owner Steve Yaeger Recount Spectrum News that the prices set by Medicare do not keep up with this year’s inflation. “You can try to be as efficient as possible, but when a container goes from $ 2,000 to rent to transport product from overseas up to $ 20,000, that cost is reduced to us.” (We presented CalOx last year.)

The procession returns

East of Los Angeles: The The procession of the Virgen de Guadalupe returned to Cesar Chavez Avenue after taking leave last year, the Los Angeles Times reported. There were only 20 floats, about half as in 2019. But the event survived until its 90th year, in honor of Mary, mother of Jesus. “The past year has taken its toll, and many parishioners and members of the archdiocese I have spoken to have said they want to return to East Los Angeles,” said Humberto Ramos, one of the directors of the parade. “They were really excited so we got down to business. “

3d printed candies

Lincoln Heights: Imagine 3D printing. With candy. The Los Angeles Times visited Sugar lab factory / studio where chefs create personalized candies and other treats by passing powdered sugar and other ingredients through 3D printers. Results include peppermint latte mugs, tangy lime and salt luchador masks filled with caramelized pineapple ganache and coupons in the shape of craft beer cans.

Harvard Tattoo Festival

Echo Park: Jesse Jaramillo, artist at El Clásico Tattoo on Sunset Boulevard, is profiled in THE Tacos. His secret tattoo party on a Harvard University radio station caught their attention. “We have to teach ourselves ethnic studies – ethnic studies for us by us,” Jaramillo told LA Taco, “that’s what this tattoo festival was: a celebration of our culture on our terms, without permission. of the institution. “

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December 7: Big Band Jazz

December 9: Deck the Hall & Oates: a high impact Christmas party

December 11: Annual art sale of the Plaza de la Raza festivals

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