Allman Brothers Band Cover Derek & The Dominoes In New York


By Scott Bernstein March 16, 2014 • 10:30 a.m. PDT

The Allman Brothers Band’s March Madness residency at New York’s Beacon Theater continued last night for the sixth of 14 sold-out performances. On Saturday night, the group focused primarily on repertoire staples in addition to four debuts in 2014. For the second night in a row, the only guests were extended family members James van der Bogert and Duane Trucks.

[Photo by Adam McCullough]

The familiar opening sequence of “Don’t Want You No More”> “It’s Not My Cross To Bear” kicked off the festivities, followed by “You Don’t Love Me” and “Statesboro Blues”. Later in the first set, the Allmans dusted off “Old Before My Time” and “Smokestack Lightning” for the first time this year. Drummer James van der Bogert has performed on both “Smokestack Lightning” and “Midnight Rider”. The third “No One To Run With” of the race closed the first set.

Gregg Allman was in the spotlight for the cover of “Rain” (The Beatles) which opened the second set. Then the Allmans crossed Hit the note track “The High Cost Of Low Living” for its debut in 2014. After “Worried Down With The Blues” and “Dreams”, Duane Trucks emerged on drums for a cover of “Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad? From Derek & The Dominoes? The Allman Brothers Band focused on jamming at the end of the night, ending the second set with a long “Jessica” and closing the show with a “Whipping Post” encore.

Setlist -Allman Brothers Band March 15:

Set One: Don’t Want You No More> C’est pas ma croix à porter, Tu ne m’aime pas, Statesboro Blues, Hot ‘Lanta, Spots Of Time, Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’, Old Before My Time, Smokestack Lightning (with James van der Bogert on drums), Midnight Rider (with James van der Bogert on drums), No One To Run With

Second series: the rain, the high cost of a cheap living, the blues, the dreams, why must love be so sad? (with Duane Trucks on drums), Jessica

Again: whipping post


The Songs -Allman Brothers Band Beacon Run 2014:

1983 -1
I don’t waste any more time -2
Woman with a Black Heart -2
Blind Willie McTell -1
Blue sky -2
Come and Go Blues -2
Come to my kitchen -1
Hurts someone -2
Don’t keep me awestruck -3
I don’t want you anymore -2
Dreams -2
From dusk till dawn -2
Egypt -2
End of line -1
Every Hungry Woman -1
Want to break down someone’s house -1
Player Roll -1
Go on with your life -2
hello little schoolgirl -1
High cost of living low -1
Hoochie Coochie Male -2
Hot ‘Lanta -3
I found a love -1
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed -2
In the mystic -1
It is not my cross to carry -2
I walk on golden shards -2
Jessica -2
Leave my blues at home -2
Les Brers in A minor -1
Little Marthe -1
Stockings Stockings Sale Average -1
Lemon balm -2
Midnight Rider -3
Mountain jam -1
No one to run with -3
Old before my time -1
Old friend -1
One way -2
Please call home -1
Rain -2
Alarm clock -2
Rocking horse -2
Sailin ” Cross The Devil’s Sea -1
Same thing -1
Seven turns -2
Chimney Lightning -1
Soul Shard -1
South -2
Time points -2
Back out -1
Statesboro Blues -3
This is what love will make you do -1
The sky is crying -1
Weight -1
More problems -2
True gravity -3
Wasted Words -1
Whipping post -2
Who spoke -1
Who to believe -1
Why must love be so sad? -1
Woman Across the River -1
Worried about the blues -2
You don’t love me -3


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