Ari Joshua announces new EP “RAAR” with Ray Paczkowski and Russ Lawton from the band Trey Anastasio


The Ray, Ari and Russ (RAaR) trio will perform two late-night shows on October 30 and 31 after Phish’s concerts in Las Vegas.

By the JamBase team 22 October 2021 • 4:31 p.m. PDT

A new six-track EP, RAAR by guitarist Ari Joshua, with Ray Paczkowski and Russ Lawton of Soule Monde and the Trey Anastasio Band arriving in November. More original psychedelic rock-jazz fusion tracks from the February 2021 recording sessions in Burlington, Vermont can be expected for intermittent release in the coming months.

The Ray, Ari and Russ (RAaR) trio are scheduled for two intimate late-night evenings on October 30 and 31 after Phish’s sets at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. These shows at the Notoriety Lounge on Fremont Street will be the trio’s first performance since recording during the pandemic in Burlington.

Expect to see Ray on his usual analog heavy organ, Clavinet and Wurlitzer, Ari, an innovative singer-songwriter trained in jazz and ready to go in any direction, will have a tasty configuration of spooky soul sounds, and Russ always maintains a groove that you can dance to all night long. The doors of Notoriety will open at 10 p.m. and the shows will go on late on both evenings. Advance ticket purchases are advised as space is limited to around 300 at a time. Tickets can be purchased through Notoriety Lounge at

The ensemble has a roster of over 30 original songs (some by Ray ‘n’ Russ’ and some by Ari) spanning all genres but rooted in the same solid groove that Soule Monde and TAB fans are familiar with. . It’s a great place to see these players in a raw trio format, plus you never know who can stop! Bring your costume and a nighttime evening vibe; this party revolves around music, soul and creating new grooves!

The Burlington-formed power trio released their debut six-song EP on Ari Joshua’s label in November. The first two singles of the project “Father Time” and “Star Lord” are already available on all digital stores.

In the winter of 2020/2021, in the midst of the pandemic, Ari Joshua traveled to the snowy town of Burlington, Vt., To collaborate with drummer Russ Lawton, organist Ray Paczkowski and sound engineer. longtime Phish Vermonter Ben Collette. The excitement sparked an intense and healthy writing frenzy. Ari composed about 25 demos in all.

Ari had previously composed the vocal tracks “Rae of Light” for his 90-year-old grandmother’s birthday, and “Gran-mama” for his late grandmother. It was a precious experience recording these two sentimental tracks at The Tank in Burlington with such wonderful musicians.

“When I arrived and we started playing, the chemistry and the musical approach of the same idea opened the doors to a memorable session that I will never forget,” said Ari. “These guys looked a lot like me, just serious and ready to get down to business.”

The trio managed to record versions of all 25 demos; mostly brand new compositions and concepts. “Star Lord” was originally called “Country Hoppin”, written while Ari was flying from the West Coast to the East Coast. He wrote “For Ray” for Ray Paczkowski to highlight his unique approach to the organ. “The Bernie Meme” was inspired by the viral photograph of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in his hand-made mittens during President Biden’s inauguration – Ari was, after all, in Burlington, Vermont. The creative vibes of life passed through the hearts and hands of musicians in a snowy northeast studio.

Ari started releasing songs from his vault earlier this year, including original recordings with artists such as Robert Glasper, KJ Sawka, and Delvon Lamarr. All six songs from the EP are slated for release in November. The singles “Star Lord”, “Father Time” and “Rae of Light” are now available!

When the Ari Joshua Group play it’s a dance party full of energy. The current programming of the Ari Joshua Band Willow Goodine (Swindler) on the keys, Eric Hullander on bass, and Luca Cartner to the battery. This squad is scheduled to play at The Hidden Door in Shoreline, Washington on Saturday, November 6.

The pandemic has allowed Ari to focus more on his heart, namely traveling and spreading expressions of love and joy through psychedelic jazz and rock. He is very happy to share his work with the beloved passionate listeners of Jazz and Jam music scenes where improvisation and composition music is most appreciated.

For those who don’t know him, Ari is a guitarist from Cape Town, born in South Africa and raised in the United States. After attending New School in New York. He is the founder and owner of The Music Factory, an online music lessons portal, and the Seattle Music School in person. The Music Factory is now almost 15 years in a row, employing nearly 100 musicians since its inception. Music Factory teachers have taught over 30,000 lessons to students of all ages and abilities.

Visit for video clips of past shows, the latest releases, merchandise, updates and upcoming RAAR EP.

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