Austin’s emo band Drunk Uncle show post-rock/slowcore side on “Punch” (listen)


As mentioned, Austin’s emo band Drunk uncle are preparing to release their first album To look for on March 11 via Count Your Lucky Stars (Pre-order), and we are preparing the third single “Punch”. This one is on the clean, post-rock/slowcore side of emo, and it repeatedly reminds me of American football, EndSerenade-mineral era, and Informed-era TWIABP. If you like any or all of these bands, I think you’ll like this one too; Drunk Uncle may wear their influences on their sleeves, but they do it exceptionally well.

“Honestly, I doubted his place on the LP for a while,” guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Tyler Miller tells us. “It conveys a weakness that seemed unworthy of the drunken and rambunctious uncle of [2020 debut EP] years of fiction. But as the writing process unfolded – the emergence of the meandering It’s-A-Long-Drive-esque riff, Peyton’s throaty vocals, Jake/Will’s thundering drum/bass – it was clear that “Punch” was just another side of the same band. And the LP provided the space and the time to travel to that low, shady place and back.”

“I also felt nervous with this song at first,” added guitarist/vocalist Peyton Heinig. “It’s a song that takes its time, structurally, and it’s something I’ve never had the confidence to do. To me, ‘Punch’ feels like a deep, meditative breath taken before releasing a cry. It’s important for the album.”

Listen below…


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