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Definition: angel: mind in charge, especially benevolent

I woke up in a strange bed in a strange room. How did I get here? Slowly, like in a haze, the immediate past lifted: sudden loss of leg strength, crawling to a phone for help, flat on my back, sleeping on my couch to avoid the stairs – and surprisingly, a growing group of angels weaving in and out, looking after me as if I was theirs forever.

In a world where there is an overflow of anger and mistrust, why were these people hovering over me? Why me? I still don’t have the answer, except to realize that I have been voluntarily taken care of – first at home, then later at the Bluffs Assisted Living (in a remarkably comfortable environment); I feel like Alice in Wonderland!

There comes a time when, of necessity, adjustments must be made.

I was not alone, angels kept appearing to help with a myriad of things that in order to become a new cripple you had to face and relearn life.

How to identify these amazing creatures:

First recognition: after the almost fatal fall and before I buckled up to regain normalcy, I was in a strange void – I couldn’t climb the stairs, I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t even do more than a few not, and that with a lot of effort. Dozing sporadically on my couch, I thought I heard people talking in the room, saying things like: “Well, I could stay until midnight,” another addition, “I can stay from midnight to five” and on. I woke up completely to find dark figures floating around across the room – one of them making a bed from spare parts from the upstairs bed – shadows, eventually recognized as friends and families from across the community, some of whom I have known for years, others whom I considered just good acquaintances – all of whom had heard of my accident, and like Topsy, they grew up around me to make me comfortable.

They knew I couldn’t fend for myself, so delicious meals presented themselves throughout the day; they did their best to keep me comfortable in a dozen different ways. Unreal!

It couldn’t last, and it didn’t last. While they lingered in care, arrangements were made collectively (usually unbeknownst to me) – a room available at the best assisted living location in the area, the aforementioned Bluffs.

Another horde of angels moved in, transferred all the furniture needed by the Bluffs, set them up to look like home: the familiar furniture, the familiar artwork and photos on the walls, and distributed with many necessary things (stationery, books, this computer) – everything arranged if I had planned it myself.

Once I was comfortably seated, the angels returned home, but always hovered from there – phone, email, etc.) to take care of my needs.

So here I am, probably for the rest of my years – as well as I could ever imagine.

What’s my point? Well, with a serious plan for the future still pending, I may not be able to get back to my 96 years of normal life, I want to stress this point:

With the dismal world we live in, awash in hate, people fighting people, protests, family members torn apart, with uncertain political intentions, looking darker than ever – and so much more, transforming us as monsters, it is gratifying to know that in this singular place of this singular part of the world – my land of copper – angels (call them whatever you like) still exist and that a certain type of love voluntarily flows from them if needed.

It might not be a perfect world there, but here I still have much of my life to live, now among new angels – all of them bringing me incredible contentment. I always live positively, I always trust the man above to think of me, I am safe from the crazy antics made in our time by the inconsistency of what we have done to bring the gods to change climate angry, and I still have these 96 years of mostly wonderful memories and angels to comfort me.

I know that the Black Death that has raged for five centuries is what we now experience as our pandemic, and I only pray that it does not repeat itself entirely due to the stupidity and ignorance that exists among us as they did during this plague.

Maybe I oversimplify seeing my life as being blessed with angels that exist when you believe in them like I started to – but to me they exist in the guise of good people and continue to make my life easier even at this age. And they ignore our differences.

They are all around us and if you try you might find them too, if needed.

Well, good friends, I just thought you might like to know. When you really need them, angels can come in groups to bring you comfort and care. You just have to believe in them, like I do now.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Holidays to you all.

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