Bass Lab – Fibenare Globe 5 (fretted)


The first thing everyone says when they see this bass is “Wow, that’s beautiful!” Absolutely; beautiful. Wood combinations are warm, cozy and inviting. The fingerboard and pickup covers are in a striking striped padauk and even appear to match. The neck is flamed maple with padauk and walnut strings. The body is alder with a maple top showing a nice silhouette. All of this is wrapped in a beautiful blue hue and a high gloss transparent finish.

The bass balances its decent weight very well, standing up or sitting down. The instrument plays smoothly from low to high in its range with no obvious dead spots.

The electronics are apparently all in-house creations. The EQ points in band 3 sound a bit unusual, although I found a lot of sounds I liked in the system. It sounds great and many great tones can be found among the combinations of the pickups and their single coil/series/parallel switches; more than enough combinations, really. The electronics are well wired and well shielded with copper foil. The visible parts are of high quality.

The bridge and saddles are built in-house, apparently based on the Steinberger bridge design. The keys are classic Gotoh®. The joinery is fantastic, the neck fit and all construction details are quite good. The finish is fine and well applied.

The truss rod doesn’t provide too much movement, and under string tension it lays flat without any tension. He is not able to move in relief very far. At this point in the life of the instrument, these are not big issues. Depending on how it sets up, they could be.

This bass is fascinating. One of its best hidden benefits is the compound or tapered radius built into the fingerboard. It starts out pretty round in the lower frets and flattens out as it goes up. This allows the player to aggressively bend the upper register while keeping the action fairly low.


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