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Which bunch of booty is the best?

According to, adults should add muscle building activities to their workout routine at least two days a week. In recent years, booty bands have become one of the most popular weight training devices for the glutes, hips, and leg muscles. In addition to their strengthening benefits, these economical bands can improve range of motion and prevent injury.

Our pick for the best band is the GoFit Pro Power Loops. This set of three bands comes with resistance levels of light, medium and high resistance. Buyers also receive a detailed training manual, ideal for beginners.

What to know before buying a bunch of booty

Resistance level

Booty resistance bands are great tools for toning and strength training. However, if you are new to this equipment, you may not be sure which resistance force is most appropriate for your level of fitness. Most often, Loot Resistance Bands are generically labeled as Light, Medium, and Heavy.

People who have never used Loot Bands should purchase a range of resistors. While this may seem like an added investment, most beginner kits come with all three levels.


While not essential to how the product works, Loot Bands come in a wide array of colors. People who like to coordinate their workout outfits can take their look one step further by selecting their favorite booty strip color (s).


Loot bands are most often made of latex or cotton. The type of material you select ultimately depends on your needs and preferences. Those with an allergy to latex should avoid all loot bands made with this material. In terms of quality, both are slip resistant and just as durable.

What to look for in a quality loot bunch


In search of the best loot bands, big brands are offering multipacks instead of singles. This is important for both novice and seasoned loot tape users.

Those new to Loot Tapes can better learn what sizes and strengths are best for them with a multipack. Once an individual has gained experience with the bands, they can tailor each workout using the correct level of resistance. Plus, multipacks are affordable and often come with other useful goodies.

Additional accessories

In addition to being already inexpensive, Loot Stripe sets often come with additional accessories. Almost all include a storage bag, which is useful for taking your bracelets to the gym or on vacation. Some brands offer packages, where booty bands can be purchased alongside yoga mats, fitness bracelets, and thinner belts.

Educational guides / tutorials

Despite their easy-to-use appearance, Loot Tapes often confuse new users. Having an instruction guide or access to tutorials is essential for people using the bracelets for the first time. Major brands either offer physical instructions / booklets or links to online video tutorials.


While latex bands can look as thin as a balloon, they are much more durable. The quality booty bands can easily withstand repeated use. Each level of resistance is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that no breakage occurs.

How much you can expect to spend on a bunch of loot

Quality Loot Tape Multipacks cost $ 7 to $ 20.

Loot Tapes FAQ

Can Beginners Use Loot Tapes?

A. Yes. No matter your experience or fitness level, anyone can learn how to use Loot Tapes. The key is to make sure that you are learning the correct form (from an instruction booklet or video tutorial) and that you are not using a group that is too strong.

What Are the Benefits of Loot Tapes?

A. The biggest advantage is strength building. Through various techniques, you can effectively strengthen your hips, glutes and leg muscles. People who regularly use booty bands can prevent injury, increase hip mobility, and improve their weightlifting form.

What are the best booty bands to buy?

Superior Loot Strip

GoFit Pro Power Loops

What would you like to know: This set includes three resistance sizes and comes with a workout manual and GoFit branded carry bag.

What you will love: Each of the three loot bands in this set (light, medium, and heavy resistance) are made of latex. This set is ideal for novice loot tape users as it comes with a laminated training manual that shows how to properly use the tapes. It also comes with a well-made travel bag.

What you should consider: The smell of latex can be quite strong for some people.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond

Top booty band for the money

GYMB non-slip resistance bands

GYMB non-slip resistance bands

What would you like to know: Priced at just under $ 15, this booty strip kit includes lifetime access to over 80 workout videos.

What you will love: Buyers of this Band receive Pink (Light Resistance), Green (Medium Resistance), and Purple (High Resistance) Loot Bands. The bands are made of cotton and have an inner rubber handle. They don’t pinch the skin and are incredibly comfortable to use. Each kit includes access to video tutorials as well as a mesh storage bag.

What you should consider: Rare cases of excessive stretching have been reported.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

To be checked

Renoj Resistance Bands - Set of Five

Renoj Resistance Bands – Set of Five

What would you like to know: Ultra thick and durable, the five Renoj resistance bands are designed to withstand years of training.

What you will love: People looking for a greater range of weights should consider purchasing this set of five bands. Sizes range from extra light (5-10 pounds) to extra heavy (up to 40 pounds). Each set costs less than $ 13 and is available in three color selections. The bands are made of natural latex.

What you should consider: Some reports indicate that the groups are stronger than expected.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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