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GWAR heads to Brighton

The story of GWAR according to their official blurb reads as follows……

“The story of GWAR is etched in the history of this barren and hopeless planet, but GWAR themselves are not of this world… Their story begins in the depths of outer space. There a long time ago, the beings who would become the rock band GWAR were part of an elite fighting force, the Scumdogs of the Universe, and for eons they were slaves to a supreme being known only as But one by one, each future member of the group earned a blatant reputation for being intergalactic jerks. And so, they were banished, sent on a run of fools to conquer an insignificant sh*tball floating in a dark corner of the universe; planet Earth. Once here, GWAR shaped the face of the globe, destroying and rebuilding the natural world and giving birth to all of human history. Aliens for some, gods and demons for others , our former Scumdogs fucked monkeys to create the human race, and this fatal unplanned pregnancy would prove truly disastrous!

GWAR in concert (photo Robert Sutton) (click on the photo to enlarge)

German Doner Kebab

Talking in 2017 about GWAR’s latest album “Blood of the Gods”, the band said their new album…..“is nothing less than a sacred text chronicling the rise of humanity against its creators, and the massive battle between GWAR and the forces of all that is tense and wrong with the world. Ongoing road, the group challenges the sins of their great mistake, from politics, pollution and organized religion, to fast food and factory farming.Humans are shown as they are; a parasitic disease that ‘we must eradicate before it dries up the planet. Born out of adversity, ‘The Blood Of Gods’ is a sonic scar…a question asked and answered…Death can’t kill GWAR. Nothing can. GWAR lives !

GWAR in concert (photos Robert Sutton) (click on the photos to enlarge them)

And indeed GWAR still lives like June 3rd of this year they will let loose “The New Dark Ages”, their fifteenth studio album alongside a graphic novel, ‘Gwar in the absurdity duovers’, published by Z2 Comics.

GWAR in concert (photos Robert Sutton) (click on the photos to enlarge them)

To coincide with this, GWAR will be going on tour and this includes a Brighton date at the Chalk site on Tuesday August 9th. Buy your tickets HERE or HERE from 10 a.m. on Friday February 25 if you dare! Wear your old clothes to this event! Those who don’t mind being covered in fake blood! You were warned!

If you’re going to be up front, get ready! (photo Robert Sutton) (click on the photo to enlarge)

The GWARs according to Wikipedia are:
Balsac the Jaws of Death – rhythm guitar (1988–present)
Jizmak Da Gusha – drums (1989–present)
Sawborg Destructo – co-lead vocals (1994-1996, 2009-present)
Pustulus Maximus – lead guitar, backing vocals (2012–present)
Bonesnapper – backing vocals (1995-1996, 2014-present)
Blothar – lead vocals (2014–present),
Sleazy P. Martini – backing vocals (1986-1995, 2017-present)
Beefcake the Mighty – bass, backing vocals (1994-1997, 1999-2002, 2008-2011, 2019-present)

GWAR in concert (photo Robert Sutton) (click on the photo to enlarge)

For more information visit:

concert flyer

Chalk will host the concert (photo Nick Linazasoro)


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