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The alternative rock group British Sea Power, which formed at the turn of the century, changed its name from “British”. The UK-based band made the announcement today on their official website, as they promote their first new music in four years. A statement began that the group made the decision “after a lot of thought and soul searching.”

The Sea Power statement continued: “We have been British Sea Power for 20 years – amazing 20 years, when we were able to continuously cross the British Isles, travel the world, meet many friendly faces, especially in the remarkable public group.

“But the name British Sea Power had become binding, like an old heritage that we carried with us. When we came up with the name British Sea Power, there were at least two different lines of thought.

“There was, literally, the power of the sea – the elemental power of the oceans. Along with this was the historic idea of ​​“British sea power” – Britannia ruling the waves; the naval power that made Britain dominate the world. When we found the original name of the band, Great Britain no longer ruled the seas. “

The group explained that at the time they wanted the name to be “some sort of ironic humor” because the idea of ​​a British sea power in the historical use of the term was now “an obsolete thing” .

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The band wrote: “Now it was just the name of a rock band… Now, 20 years later, we are recasting the name.

“In recent times there has been a rise of a certain type of nationalism in this world – an isolationist and antagonistic nationalism with which we do not want to run the risk of being confused.

“It has become evident that it is possible to misunderstand the name British Sea Power, especially if someone is unfamiliar with the band or their recordings.”

Sea Power underlined that they have always been internationalists in their mindset, which they believe they have clearly expressed in their songs like Waving Flags – “a hymn to pan-European idealism”.

The group concluded, “Maybe this name change has been around for years,” he shouted in our ears. It took us all this time to realize – to hear what was there in front of us… ”

But not all fans were happy with the news, as can be seen from the comments of a tweet from the group that read, “Goodbye British Sea Power. Hello Sea Power.

One fan wrote: “Disappointed with this. Anyone who has seen or heard you can tell that there is no element of nationalism in you. And then those who have not, there is no need to bow to their assumptions. You should have the courage to stand up for who you are.

Another fan commented, “Oh my god what. I don’t know what to say … it seems very bad to me. You’ve been my British Sea Power ever since I ran into you in 2003 when I saw you supporting The Strokes. I love you ever since. You are BSP.

While one of them tweeted: “I understand the reasoning, but it’s sad that you felt the need to do it. No one who has followed your career would mistake you for ultra nationalists. But whatever your name, if you are the same band with the same quality of music that’s what counts!

And another said: “Always BSP. Always. Yes, you went from BAP to BSP, but it was very early. You will always be our most loved band, and always will be BSP.

“I never called you ‘Sea Power’, just BSP. Good explanations and understand the misinterpretations of nationalism, but that sounds wrong, sorry.”

Sea Power’s latest album, Everything Was Forever, was released in February 2022, while the band released a single ahead of their new album titled Two Fingers.



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