Can you guess the subgenre of a metal band from their logo?


How well do you know your metal subgenres? We’re not talking about obvious thrash titans like Slayer and Anthrax, or classic heavy metal stalwarts like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. No, we’re asking if you’re familiar with your deathcore juggernauts, psychedelic doom heavyweights and symphonic black metal veterans.

A new online game will test your niche and underground metal knowledge, challenging players to guess a metal band’s subgenre based solely on their logo.

The game is the brainchild of Cosciug, a melodic black metal band from Seattle. “As a longtime metalhead, I feel like I can guess the genre of any metal band just by looking at their logo, so I made a little game to do just that,” he said. declared Cosciug to Loudwire.

Cosciug built the game using information from over 500 bands on Each time players refresh the page, a new group logo appears with four subgenres to choose from. Options include “Epic Folk Metal”, “Experimental Black Metal”, “Doom Metal Funeral” and “Slammable Brutal Death Metal”.

Some of the band’s logos are almost indecipherable, which makes it especially fun when an obvious logo like Ozzy Osbourne pops up.

Cosciug has a penchant for data-driven heavy metal content, as you can see on their YouTube page. Some of their other videos include “10 Most Used Words in Metal Band Names”, “Black Metal Bands by Country 1986-2018″ and “Metalcore Breakdown Generator App”.

Black metal fans can also check out Coscuig’s debut single, “Codex Gigas”, a brutal assortment of tremolo-curated riffs and pulverized blast beats. The track, released in February 2020, is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube and more.

Hit play on “Codex Gigas” and go to to put your metal skills to the test.

Listen to Cosciug’s “Codex Gigas”

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