Cebu symphonic folk power metal band Adamanta releases single “Conquer”


Photo Courtesy of Adamanta

CEBU symphonic folk power metal band Adamanta came to power as they released their highly anticipated single “Conquer” on Friday, July 16, 2021.


Adamanta is made up of the members Daphnia, the nymph of the forest kingdoms;

Elvin, the bard;

Wulfhammer, the storm call;

and Lyra, the Enchantress.


Adamanta said that “Conquer” is about conquerors clashing within the pre-colonial Philippines. He also talks about their love for the drink.

“Apart from that, we wanted to show the ‘isug’ (courageous / powerful) character of the pre-colonial Visayan warriors,” the group said.

Adamanta said the song was originally about Viking warrior culture involving heavy drinking and looting. He then moved on to get pirate themed and throw caution to the wind with the help of liquid / beer courage.

“But as the years went by and we learned more about the pre-colonial Philippines, we shifted our perspective towards the Pintados and Visayan warriors,” Adamanta said.

“Conquer” was also very inspired by the soundtracks of films and scenes on courage, love of life and battle.


Adamanta debuted in 2016 as Chrono Storm X. Elvin Ian Bacaltos and Miguel Jaranilla (ex-bassist) were looking to start a power metal band in Cebu.

Power metal is a subgenre of heavy metal combining the characteristics of traditional metal with speed metal, often in a symphonic context.

The band posted a few announcements and found Benjamin “Wulfhammer” Ricafrente III on vocals.

“There we composed a few songs and honed our skills. These were our experimental days; we played a few local shows with regularly changing members except for Wulfhammer, Elvin and Miguel,” Adamanta said.

It wasn’t until 2018 that the band changed their name to Adamanta.

Elvin met their singer, Daphnie, through Saint Theresa’s College (STC) musical group Sikabay to sing alongside Wulfhammer when he had to replace Jaranilla on bass.

Ana “Lyra” Geverola, who is the band’s keyboardist, joined the band in 2019 at a program convention at STC. She also liked symphonic metal.

“From there we decided to embrace the symphonic side that we wanted to do all these years,” the band said.


Adamanta is grateful for the positive response from “Conquer”. They also ask fans to be patient with the release of their music video.

The group is also asking for support for the production of the clip and for #makeConquerhappen.

One can buy their signed posters and postcards at a price of P100 to P200. You could also donate to the group directly through Elvin’s GCash and BPI accounts. Those who give more will get their name at the end of the “Conquer” clip.

Adamanta also encourages everyone to check out their social media pages on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

“We risked a lot trying something different, but the support we have received so far has been overwhelming. It has been an amazing experience, and we are happy to have shared it with you,” said Adamanta. .

Stream Adamanta’s Conquer on Youtube:

Photos in this article courtesy of Adamanta


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