Chocolate Lab struggles to jump into pool in hilarious video


labrador retriever love to swim in the water. After all, their first job was diving to fish in Newfoundland. Videos of splash labs and swimming can be found all over the internet. They are certainly fabulous swimmers once they are in the water, but some pups have a little trouble getting into pools. Boomer, known by his social media handle @boomer.le.lab, loves swimming in her backyard pool. It is a portable above ground pool where you must use a step to enter or, in the case of a dog, run and jump to enter. With a quick jump, Boomer would be in the game. But what happens when you just don’t feel the “jump or run” part? Boomer’s failed pool entry shows exactly how a botched pool entry can go. The hilarious video is set to an ionic beach anthem, “Surfin ‘USA” by 1960s rock band The Beach Boys.


Boomer Vs Pool Part 1.? Don’t worry, he’s just extra lazy and didn’t want to put some pep in his step. #chocolatelab #Boomer

? Surfin’ USA – The Beach Boys

The video opens with Boomer’s front in the pool and his little behind trying to keep up. Boomer tries in every way to get his rear half into the pool with his front end – his legs go left, then they swing right, with no end in sight, while letting water run from the side of the swimming pool. Finally, Boomer’s front half is able to pull his back half through the water. He is so proud of himself! Boomer loves to swim and TikTok loved his entry, so his dog mom made a whole slew of it. Currently, Boomer’s pool series is at part 29!

In part five, Boomer was given a series of steps to enter the pool.


Boomer vs The Pool Part 5. This one is a clear win for the Boom! #boomerthelab #chocolatelab #dogsoftiktok #pool

? Break My Stride – Castle Pop

However, he must have felt dashing that day because he passed them, jumped, and landed 99% in the water. Then, after a short fidget, his feet joined the rest of him!

In Part 16, Boomer’s father decided to build him a rig, thinking that would do the trick. Of course, Boomer was the head pup supervisor throughout the project.


Boomer Vs The Pool Part 16 – THE STEP WE ALL WANT!!! #boomerthelab #chocolatelab #pool #platform #dog #dogsoftiktok #pool

? I Won’t Stop – Carol Kay

Dad spends forever building the step. Once it’s in place, he pats it and tells Boomer to jump. Wagging his tail, Boomer glances over at Daddy and the platform and uses his preferred mode of entry, jumping over the side. Poor dad! The streak is at 29 and counting, but Boomer still isn’t using the rig dad made for him…


Boomer Vs The Pool Part 29 – Rock It Anywhere! ??? #boomerthelab #chocolatelab #pool #wiggle #water #cute #dogsoftiktok

? Don’t Stop (Wiggle Wiggle) – OHB Radio Edit – The Outhere Brothers

He’s still squirming around in the pool. At least he’s having fun and staying cool, right?

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