CORPSEGRINDER name the metal band that changed his life as a child


Like many of us, George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher remember hearing black sabbath like a child and be blown away. The legendary cannibal corpse the singer recently spoke to Chaoszin where he spoke to hear black sabbath for the first time and growing up with parents who had quite eclectic tastes.

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“Probably when I was a kid, probably even before I was 10. black sabbath was the first thing I really heard that made me go “Wow!” Because it’s the first metal band. My parents listen to music, my father likes Hank Williams Seniorold country music, he likes the Rolling Stones and AC DClots of rock and hard rock.

“I’m sure it was from him or from one of my uncles that I heard black sabbath for the first time when I was seven or eight years old. Maybe it was even before, I was probably afraid of that. You listen to the song ‘Black Sabbath’… When I first heard that, I was like, ‘Damn, this is evil.’ But yes, probably at that time it would be black sabbath. And that practically changed my view of things.

“My mother listened Elvis, Frankie Valli and Waylon Jenningsand old country music like Johnny Cash and willie nelson thing. So my parents were listening to music. They weren’t passionate, like listening to music all day, but they listened to it so I knew all types of music.

“But when I heard black sabbath, it was the change of everything. That was the start of my wanting to be like… Eventually my mentality was that I wanted to do this for my life.”

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body grinder later compared the costumes and stage presence of Kiss to the sound of black sabbathsaying Kiss looked like what black sabbath sounded like. Or in his words, black sabbath “sounded more like some sort of hippie dude” back then. Which makes sense considering black sabbath was originally a blues band that ended up helping to invent the whole genre of heavy metal.

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