Couple engage in oral sex during metal band festival


WARNING: This story includes sexual content.

Heavy metal can provide its own form of stimulation, but for two attendees at the recent Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore this weekend, they opted to add a little more stimulation to their concert experience by indulging in oral sex. during Autopsy performance.

The incident happened during the band’s Saturday (May 28) early evening show in the Edison Lot as the band played the penultimate set on that stage for the evening.

As shared on social mediaan unidentified woman is seen receiving oral sex in the middle of the audience as onlookers cheer on the couple.

It wouldn’t be the first time a couple have been caught engaging in a sex act at a concert. There have been other instances, including in 2019, when Behemoth’s Nergal shared in a social media post that a man and woman were pushed aside by the rest of the crowd during their performance at Roskilde while another oral sex act was taking place.

Nergal admitted it was a first for him, watching audiences over the years, saying, “I’m really happy to see ANY reaction to our music. I’m good with everything except indifference. I’m ok with a small dose of violence, people throwing pieces of their wardrobe, people turning me around, harassing me, girls showing boobs… it’s ALL good! But in my nearly 30 year career, I’ve NEVER seen a couple kiss right in front of the stage at the epicenter of the fucking pit,” then later add, “Holy shit! A half-naked woman was kneeling in front of a half-naked guy who was blowing her for a good 5-10 minutes as he raised his fists and sang our love songs! How cool is that hm?!? It feels good to know that Behemoth is corrupting legions on so many levels!”

Love metal fans really shouldn’t be too surprised. In a 2020 study, metal music listeners ranked above fans of all other genres when it came to sharing that they had had a sexual experience in a vehicle. According to the study, 75% of metal fans claimed to have had a sexual experience in a car, which puts them well ahead of oldies, hip-hop, rap and soul R&B.

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