Cover of the group Yes Sir, I Can Boogie to “bounce” the tartan army



Scotland’s men’s football team are preparing to take part in a major tournament for the first time since 1998.

This remarkable feat led to the Tartan Army supporting the team in one way or another.

Cumbernauld’s Mark O’Neill decided he would do his part to help the team by covering the team’s unofficial national anthem, Yes Sir, I Can Boogie.

Calling themselves The Dirty Kilts, Mark and his pals recorded everything remotely before having it mixed at the 1790 studio in Cumbernauld.

Using snippets of Ian Crocker’s commentary in the song, the process of getting all the proper permissions and copyrights has been a long one.

And while they were sorting through all of that legality, the Fratellis released their own version of the ’70s Baccarat hit, sparking a friendly brawl between the two groups.

The Dirty Kilts recorded a cover of Yes Sir I Can Boogie for charity

Speaking to Lanarkshire Live, Mark said: “I wanted there to be a ‘bounce’, something that a crowd of footballers can jump in.

“We decided to release the song and contacted the Tartan Army Children’s Charity in February. If we were to release it, it would be nice to earn money for a really good charity. They approved us to release the song for fundraising, fundraising on their behalf.

“As we had used a sample of the incredible Ian Crocker, the football commentator, we also needed permission here.

Baccara originally had success with the disco classic in the 1970s

“I wasn’t sure if it had to be from him or from Sky Sports, so I contacted both. Ian personally gave us his permission to use the sample. Sky also provided the authority.

“By the way, Ian is a very nice guy and was supportive of the track from the start.

“In the meantime, the Fratellis have announced that they will be releasing a version of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, and for the same charity. It was a bit backbreaking, but the more support there will be for the charity. charity, the better.

“I spoke with Baccara who was very supportive of our version of the track and said, ‘Your version is fantastic and we wish you good luck.’

“I hope we can raise a good amount of money for the charity for the children of the tartan army.”

The Dirty Kilts version of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie is available here.

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