Dead & Co goes wild with band cover, let Jeff Chimenti sing to Charlotte [Videos]


Last night, Death & Company continued their fall 2017 tour with a show in Charlotte, NC Spectrum center. After a few days off, the group returned to the office with a few new tricks to try. Bob weir directed an opening “Hell In A Bucket”, which John mayer followed by a bouncing “Bertha”, a song he made his own for an exciting effect. Next, Bobby picked up his acoustic guitar, leading the band through “Peggy-O” and “When I Paint My Masterpiece,” the former Bob dylan air originally published by The group who The Grateful Dead used to play – and Dead & Co are now playing – with some frequency. This wouldn’t be the last thread to connect Dead & Co’s Spectrum Center show to The Band, but we’ll talk about that later …

Dead & Company lets Oteil Burbridge sing for “If I Had the World to Give” Debut [Videos/Photos]

Watch the pro video for “Hell In A Bucket” below, courtesy of the band’s YouTube page:

Watch fan-shot footage of “Peggy-O” and “When I Paint My Masterpiece” featuring Bob Weir on acoustic guitar, plus the ensuing “Greatest Story Ever Told” below, courtesy from YouTube user BorrowedTune:


“When I paint my masterpiece”

“The most beautiful story ever told”

The first easygoing image continued from there with Weir leading the group through “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” before Eye Burbridge got her first tour of the evening on lead vocals for “Ship of Fools,” swapping sections with Mayer in his supple baritone. The energy increased slightly from there, as strong renditions of “Missississippi Half-Step” and “Let It Grow” ended the first set.

Watch ‘Ship of Fools’, courtesy of bassist Oteil Burbridge:

The second set opened with a familiar organ line, but not “Grateful”: Instead, it marked Dead & Co’s debut of The group sing “The Weight”. Back when the Grateful dead The cover came out as an encore in the early ’90s, it was used as a platform to get the whole gang involved, with each member of the group taking a line. The song also carries particular weight in the Grateful Dead canon as a late keyboardist. Brent MydlandSwan song: On 07/23/90, the band tied a knot on their summer tour with a encore of “The Weight” on their closer tour, with Brent singing the line “I got to go, but my friend can stay around.” It ended up being the last song he would play on stage: he died less than a week later at the age of 37.

Watch Dead & Company debut their cover of “The Weight” below, courtesy of the band:

Dead & Co’s “The Weight” took a similar approach, with Weir, Mayer, Burbridge and the keyboardist. Jeff Chimenti each singing a part of the song before Bobby brings it home with a pseudo-Neil young the falsetto coda. Weir’s melodic ad-libs were characteristically drunk, Bobby’s cheesy, and the performance was far from perfect, but the feeling still ringed true – these guys love to play with each other.

The ensemble started in earnest with “Playin ‘In The Band”, which in turn led to “Uncle John’s Band”, with their own Johnny joining the rest of the group as they sanded the timeless melody in unison. Then, to the delight of the crowd, was seminal Jerry Garcia/Robert hunter composition “Station Terrapin”. The beautiful “Terrapin” leads in the Mickey hart and Bill kreutzmann show, as the Rhythm Devils continued to push the limits of sound on “Drums”> “Space”.

Finally, out of the cacophony came the beloved ballad “Standing on the Moon”. After the symbolic post-“Drums” break, the rest of the set was simple and fun. “I Need A Miracle” and “Going Down The Road Feeling Bad” completed the second set, before a reminder of “Black Muddy River” turned into a “Playin ‘In The Band” cover to close the show.

Dead & Coompany is back in action tonight in Atlanta. For a full list of upcoming Dead & Company dates, visit the band website.

SETLIST: Mort & Company | Spectrum Center | Charlotte, North Carolina, | 11/28/17

I: Hell in a Bucket, Bertha> Peggy-O *, When I Paint My Masterpiece *, The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Fool’s Boat, Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo, Let It Grow

II: The Weight, Playing In The Band> Uncle John’s Band> Terrapin Station> Drums> Space> Standing On The Moon> I Need A Miracle> Going Down The Road Feelin ‘Bad

E: Black Muddy River> Play in the Reprise group

* Bob Weir acoustic

[Cover photo via Phierce Photo by Keith G.; Instagram: @PhiercePhoto]


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