Decidely Non-Metal Band Makes Metal Video To Appease Commentators


My Kid Brother, an indie-pop band from Virginia, released a heavy metal music video last week (June 25) for their very non-metallic sounding song, “Spilt Salt”. The band did so in response to comments, shown at the start of the clip, suggesting they were a mismatch with Fearless Records, their label which made a name for itself in punk and metalcore but has since branched out. .

Therefore, the juxtaposition between music and visuals in the “Spilt Salt” video is quite shocking. As a single’s poppy earworm plays, a seemingly evil, beast-like cleric sacrifices voodoo dolls fashioned after the quintet. Meanwhile, My Kid Brother performs the song himself in a dark warehouse-like setting – dressed in all black – befitting the vibe of many heavy metal music videos.

Watch the video at the bottom of this article.

The clip’s contradiction in terms aligns with the themes of the melody envisioned when writing it. This was explained by the singer and guitarist of My Kid Brother, Christian Neonakis.

“‘Spilt Salt’ was originally written when I moved from Baltimore, MD to Loudoun County, VA,” the musician said. “The song is about my first impressions with the new surroundings and the new people I met.”

My Kid Brother Group Photo

Photo by Will Martinez

Neonakis continued, “Unfortunately, many of the first people I met were vapid socialites with wealthy parents and we had almost nothing in common. I felt bored, isolated, insecure and hopeless. so I wrote a kiss my ass song to the selfish social climbers of the world, and that’s what it’s all about. In my time here in Loudoun County for several years now, I have met some of the most wonderful people and made many truly genuine friendships. Unfortunately, I met the assholes first.”

Happy.Mad.Weird.SadMy Kid Brother’s next album, arrives October 7th. “Spilt Salt” joins the effort’s previous pre-release singles, “Shoulders” and “make you believe.” My Kid Brother will also be touring the US this summer – check dates and get tickets here.

Pre-order Happy.Mad.Weird.Sad here. See album art and track listing below the clip.

My Little Brother, “Spilt Salt” Video

Happy.Mad.Weird.Sad Album Art + Track List

Intrepid Records

Intrepid Records

1. “Never break your heart”
2. “Make You Believe”
3. “Disco Days”
4. “Paper Houses”
5. “Roots”
6. “Shoulders”
7. “Come Back Down”
8. “Cracked Salt”
9. “High Society”
10. “Gasoline”
11. “Cortisol”

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