Delhi-based funk / jazz fusion group The Revisit Project steals the show


From contemporary interpretations of Bollywood classics to creating original music, The Revisit Project, a funk / jazz fusion band from Delhi, has been in the spotlight since their debut album Here We Go (2018). The eight-member group includes Abhay Sharma (saxophone / composer), Aditya Bhagavatula (drums), Chetan, Dominic Awasthi (vocals), Kanu Gangahar (guitar), Karan Wadhwa (bass) Rythem Bansal (keyboards), Varun Rajasekharan (percussion) , and Vrnda Dhar (vocals). In this week’s Soundscape, we talk to Sharma who describes everything including their music creation process, the independent music scene in India, the band’s influences and love for jazz, and more.


The Revisit Project began as a tribute group. How did you get into original music?
The plan was always to express ideas and thoughts through my own music, but I wanted the band to follow a similar trajectory. As a professional musician, at least initially my plan was to find a way to create a financially viable model and then invest the income in the original music.

I was in the commercial music scene for seven years before creating the band. It helped me build good relationships in the industry, leading to the realization that there was a place for a well-arranged instrumental ensemble in the scene that would lead to income generation for everyone in the scene. the band and would help fund the eventual idea of ​​original music. .

The independent music scene does not yet offer good financial returns to artists in the short to medium term, which makes it impossible for a beginning artist to maintain himself. Once I saw that the finances had become stable, I started to write original music with the band.

The song Miles to Coltrane was released on streaming platforms in August of this year. What was the inspiration behind this?
The song metaphorically compares the bond a couple might share with the legendary jazz duo of Miles Davis and John Coltrane. In the group, we all love jazz. The story of the song is actually a personal experience, and since I wanted to express the story through the motif of jazz anecdotes and partnerships, I thought I might as well try to write around it. theme. Musically, the idea was to make a ballad, and to keep it simple without anything ostentatious or unnecessary.

Can you tell us a bit about the band’s musical creation process? What do you think are your main influences?
I usually write the central idea / aria / lyrics before I play it for the band, then we do the arrangement together. Sometimes the arrangement is already set or we might as well change everything in the jam space, totally depending on what we all think about it.

We like to find more and more music every day, so the inspiration varies from Charlie Parker to James Taylor, from Jaco Pastorious to RD Burman. It can be anything that touches us. In terms of lyrics, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Tower of Power, John Mayer and Parliament Funkadelic are also big influences. Revisit project’s “Miles to Coltrane” is available on all major streaming platforms

Miles of song at Coltrane


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