Drake Compared This Band To The Beatles: Find Out Their Response


Duck does all the comparison in one instagram post on Wednesday, May 25. The rapper jokingly compared an indie rock band HAIIM for The Beatles!

The post shows a black and white photo of the “talk about knifeThe rapper flashing a big smile during a group photo with the sisters who make up the band – Este, Danielle and Alana Haim. “I just met the Beatles,” he wrote in the caption. HAIM said responded by reposting the photo to their accounts and mocking the rapper’s caption by writing, “We are the Beatles. Fans had hilarious reactions to the group photo, commenting, “HOT HAIM BLING,” “HAIM >>> The Beatles actually” and “a photo I never thought I needed”.

See messages from Drake and HAIM below.

One of the HAIM sisters was recently the subject of a “uncomfortable” lie detector test taken by Wanda vision actress Elizabeth Olsen. Olsen was asked if she still thinks Danielle is “the coolest person in the world”, to which she replied “I think Danielle is up there. She’s a very talented person and she has a vibe. very cool. I think if I wanted to be a rockstar one day, I would grow up to be like her.” Later, when asked if she thought she was a better actress than her, she replied, “Yeah. Sorry, Danielle. I hope she would agree.”


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