Exclusive Red Band trailer in Punjabi and Mexican crime thriller The Scrapper


Punjabi and Mexican faction crime syndicates will clash in this thriller titled The scraper.

The independent crime film is directed by a very diverse cast starring Bari Kang, Craig muMs Grant (ounce, No sudden movement), Ava Paloma (Dead end), Gugun Deep Singh (The extent), Samrat Chakrabarti (Small voice), Anil kumar (24), Allison Thomas Lee (Law and order: organized crime), Ankur Bhatia (Power Book II: Ghost), Frank Rodriguez (Law & Order: Special Victims Assistance Unit) and Andhy Mendez (Taurus).

Here is the official synopsis for The scraper:

Queens, New York. A criminal playground for modern immigrant unions: human trafficking, money laundering and unfailing brutality. Uncomfortable in his Punjabi-Mexican skin, the ex-inmate turned “scrapper” Jake bears both the weight of his family heritage and of a violent past. Caring for a mentally ill sibling and an unborn child on the way, he focuses on changing his life. When a last job shows a final outcome, he must choose between loyalty to blood ties or to his new family. His past soon catches up with him and he is plunged into the midst of a conflict between Punjabi and Mexican factions led by violent and ruthless criminals. As events explode into brutal violence, with everyone he loves on the line, he may have to travel to his own darkest places to finally escape.

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“I have always been fascinated by the dark side of human nature and drawn to the films of Scorsese, De Palma, Tarantino and Melville. The outsiders, the outcasts and the anti-heroes are the ones that captivate me. This is what inspired me to write The scraper, a crime thriller with an ethnic twist, set in a world of Punjabi-Mexican criminals. Inspired by my personal experience as an illegal Punjabi immigrant youth in Queens, New York, ”said writer and director Bari Kang. “The film has a dark, grainy tone enhanced by an entirely ethnic cast and authentic locations. Amid the explosions of brutal violence are beautiful contemplative moments of vulnerability and love. On the surface, The scraper is a crime thriller, but at its core it’s about family, loyalty and change.

The scraper is now available digitally today.

Watch the Red Group trailer below. Let us know what you think.

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