Finnish Folk Metal Band Ritva Nero Releases Immortal Tradition Video


Finnish band Ritva Nero, described as a folk metal band, has a new album called “Immortal Tradition”. The band released a music video for the song “Master of Maanitus” which appears on the new album.

Immortal Tradition presents a collection of dances that were popular in the 1800s; like the polka, the mazurka and the maanitus. Ritva Nero has transformed these traditional dances into thundering songs with a 21st century spirit. The band combines the explosive energy of heavy metal with dance music from the Finnish and border regions of Karelia.

Ritva Nero is a relatively new band on the Finnish music scene, formed in 2017. The band’s music is defined as Party Metal Folk. The main instruments used by the band include soprano saxophone, Finnish bagpipes and nyckelharpa, complemented by rock style bass and heavy metal style drums.

Ritva Nero understands Sanna Salonen on the soprano saxophone; Petri Prauda on Finnish bagpipes; Emilie Lajunen on nyckelharpa; Jani Snellman on electric bass; and Patrik Falt to the battery.

Buy Immortal Tradition or the single Master of Maanitus.

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