Free FRITZ!OS 7.39-65471 Lab for FRITZ!Box 7530


The manufacturer of the FRITZ!Box AVM today unveiled a new lab firmware FRITZ!OS 7.39-65471 for the FRITZ!Box 7530. With the new variant, it is now likely to select an additional show with the temperature curve and humidity in the FRITZ!DECT 440. There are also several bug fixes, improvements and variations in the Internet, WLAN, telephony, smart household and technical spots, which you can see below. The FRITZ!OS 7.39-65471 update for the FRITZ!Box 7530 is now available for download and review. As a user of the lab version, you can get the update via the FRITZ!Box user interface. Open the FRITZ!Box › Enter in the browser and log in › Click on Wizards › Update › Start the update by clicking on Search for a new FRITZ!OS and follow the instructions to get the update. Much more information about this update can be found below or on AVM.

Download -> Download FRITZ!OS 7.39-65471 for FRITZ!Box 7530

The new firmware is available for download on the following AVM site:

  • Download FRITZ!OS 7.39-65471 for the FRITZ!Box 7530
    Note: This lab firmware is only acceptable for the FRITZ!Box 7530!
    Website ->

New Features of FRITZ!OS 07.39-65471 for the FRITZ!Box 7530

wise house ->

  • NEW: Selection of an additional display screen with legacy temperature and humidity in the FRITZ!DECT 440.

Even more improvements of FRITZ!OS 07.39-65471 for FRITZ!Box 7530


  • Mounted: VPN (IPSec) connections to StrongSWAN over IPv6 would often fail.
  • Preset: VPN (LAN-LAN) connections can be saved untitled.
  • Improved: IPv6 help for prioritizing community programs and prioritizing a property community gadget.
  • Swap: If the ISP’s DNS server (or specified DNS server) goes down, the method always switches to public DNS servers.

WiFi ->

  • Improvement: Display of tri-band connections on the presentation web page.
  • Improvement: Improved actions in case of radar and radio interference.

Telephony ->

  • Improvement: Integration of the connection with choice of forwarding in the telephone phase (partial rerouting) (eg for SIP trunks and “Other Company”).
  • Progress: conversion of, and 1&1 online mobile telephone directories to CardDAV.

stay wise ->

  • Mounted: The created scenario cannot be selected in the FRITZ!DECT 440 setup wizard.

Notes on the Lab Update for the FRITZ!Box

This FRITZ! The lab version is in beta. It has been tested in standard environments before release, but it may also cause malfunctions. AVM assumes no liability for any damages resulting from the use of this version. You can restore the FRITZ!Box to the official FRITZ!OS by applying the restore.exe file provided in this lab package.

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