FRITZ!OS 7.39-95589 Lab for FRITZ!Box 6890 available


AVM is also making the next FRITZ!OS available for testing as a lab edition for the FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE. This FRITZ! Labor has some cool new features and currently allows a preview of potential FRITZ! OS from the upcoming major update. The lab starts with a modernized user interface, new features for FRITZ!Fon devices, expansion of VPN support to involve WireGuard, and other improvements for WLAN, Mesh, and other locations. More great features will follow in the months to come. The FRITZ!OS 7.39-95589 update for the FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE can now be downloaded and analyzed from AVM. Additional information and facts about this update can be found below or on AV M.

Download -> Download FRITZ!OS 7.39-95589 for FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE

The new firmware can be obtained from the following AVM webpage:

  • Download FRITZ!OS 7.39-95589 for FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE
    Note: This lab firmware is only suitable for the FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE!
    Website ->

New Features of FRITZ!OS 7.39-95589 for the FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE

  • Simple call announcement: the FRITZ!Fon learns to converse: new features for FRITZ!Fon: the new purpose of the voice ringtone announces the name or number of the caller if desired.
  • WireGuard help for effortless setup of VPN connections: WireGuard is a modern and easy to recognize VPN solution. Its intention is to be faster, simpler and lighter than IPSec. Unlike IPSec and OpenVPN, a reduced number of cryptographic solutions are applied.
  • Mesh WLAN: More efficiency for the FRITZ!Box than Mesh Repeater: With the new FRITZ!OS, it is now likely to use much more than just one WLAN band for the WLAN uplink. This allows a higher throughput of facts and stability on the mesh. When updating a mesh community that has now been set up with a more mature FRITZ!OS and consists of single or multiple FRITZ!Box goods in the Mesh Repeater method, the Wi-Fi band previously unused is immediately connected.
  • Much more user-friendly FRITZ!Box user interface: The FRITZ!Box user interface has been visually redesigned for starting the lab. What is notably placed below is the separation of the menu from the remaining edge of the screen and the width of the exposed web pages cropped for greater readability. This has a particularly constructive effect on the display of tables and texts on particularly large screens (resolutions) and at the same time increases the display on smartphones and tablets.
  • Collection of another screen with the temperature and humidity curve on the FRITZ!DECT 440.

Notes on the Lab Update for the FRITZ!Box

This FRITZ! The lab variant is in beta. It was analyzed in conventional environments before release, but it may also cause malfunctions. AVM assumes no liability for any issues arising from the use of this template. You can replace the FRITZ!Box with the formal FRITZ!OS again using the recovery.exe file included in this lab package.

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