FRITZ!OS 7.39-96555 Lab for FRITZ!Box 7590 AX available


The FRITZ!Box manufacturer AVM has currently released a new lab firmware for FRITZ!OS 7.39-96555 for the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX. The update consists of several bug fixes, improvements, and changes in Internet, WLAN, Home Community, USB, Repeater, and Method regions, which can be seen below. This way, a current WireGuard VPN client can be extended to integrate new connections. It also supports connecting Android 12 VPN buyers via IPSec IKEv2 and increases WireGuard configuration. The FRITZ!OS 7.39-94458 update for the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX can now be downloaded and tested from AVM. As a consumer of the Lab Edition, you can download the update via the FRITZ!Box user interface. Open the FRITZ!Box › Enter in the browser and log in › Simply click on Wizards › Update › Start the update by clicking on Search for a new FRITZ!OS and follow the instructions to get the update. Additional facts about this update can be found under or on AVM.

Download -> Download FRITZ!OS 7.39-96555 for FRITZ!Box 7590 AX

The new firmware is readily available for download on the upcoming AVM site:

  • Get FRITZ!OS 7.39-96555 for the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX
    Please note: This lab firmware is only suitable for the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX!
    Website ->

More advancements in FRITZ!OS 7.39.96555 for the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX


  • Fixed: IPv6 was active for older mobile devices and online connection was not possible.
  • Improvement: A current WireGuard VPN client can be extended with new connections.
  • Improvement: Android 12 VPN inbound call supports IPSec IKEv2.
  • Improvement: Random selection of the port used for WireGuard VPN connections and growth of the selection region.

WiFi ->

  • Fixed: “WLAN/Wireless Community” web page was not fully visible when using “Safari” web browser on MacOS/iOS/ipadOS.
  • Improvement: Improved radar detection (5 GHz band).
  • Improvement: Improved the appearance of the automotive WiFi channel.

community of residence ->

  • Fixed: The frequency spectrum display screen was missing for power grid products that had been connected to the FRITZ!Box via the power supply line.
  • Adapt: ​​Revision of the “Aspects” web pages for FRITZ!Powerline devices.

Technical ->

  • Improvement: Improved WireGuard configuration.


  • Set: The variety of folders for the media server was not possible because the “OK” button remained greyed out.

repeaters ->

  • Set: Under certain circumstances, the WLAN channel in the 2.4 GHz band has also been changed frequently.
  • Preset: Wi-Fi disable was not propagated to mesh extender if mesh configuration inheritance was disabled.

Notes on the Lab Update for the FRITZ!Box

This FRITZ! The lab edition is in beta. It has been tested in normal environments before launch, but it may also cause malfunctions. AVM assumes no responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of this variation. You can convert the FRITZ!Box back to the official FRITZ!OS by applying the restore.exe file involved in this lab package.

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