German power metal band Induction release new single “Queen Of Light” — MP3s & NPCs


German progressive power metal band Induction unveiled their new single ‘Queen Of Light’ today.

An accompanying music video for the song, which can be seen below, was filmed by Suhrreal Film with editing by Ingo Spörl. The band had this to say about the new song:

“It’s finally here – INDUCTION’s new single! ‘Queen Of Light’ takes you on a melodic journey through the world of power metal, with stories of betrayal, passion, lost love, new beginnings and Hope for a Bright Future was one of the very first songs written with the outlook for the second album, and it went through many changes and revisions, before finally being in the state it is now. We are very happy with how it turned out and so invite you to listen to, enjoy, cherish and share to your heart’s content.”

“Queen of Light” is from the band’s upcoming studio album, which will be released later this year on Atomic Fire Records. “Queen of Light” is available on digital services right now.

Induction recently announced the departure of drummer Kian Kiesling. The replacement behind the drums is Dominik “Dome” Zester, who plays in the bands ÆRIES and Schimmerling.

The band had this to say about the line-up change:

“After some consideration, we have decided to go our separate ways, so that it [Kiesling] and INDUCTION can work on their projects at full power! We wish him all the best and will follow his future musical career with enthusiasm! Thanks for everything, Kian, and good luck!”

Kiesling said:

“Even though we are parting ways now, I want to thank INDUCTION for the wonderful time we had and for the experiences we had together. I encourage all fans to keep listening to their music, and I wish them, as well as their new [session] Drummer Dome, all the best!”

Dome said:

“It’s a pleasure to join INDUCTION in terms of touring, music videos and other plans through the end of the year, maybe beyond. It’s great to meet you all and have Can’t wait to hang out with the band. It’s going to be a great time, I’m sure! Thanks to the guys and the team for your trust, let’s go!”


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