Glow Lab appoints Stellar as Australian communications agency


Sydney-based communications agency Stellar has been appointed to manage Australian public relations for New Zealand natural personal care brand, Glow Lab.

Stellar works with high-end lifestyle brands to create stories that travel, and agency heads Hayley Cole and Gabrielle Sigelski are thrilled to work with the Glow Lab team on their first major campaign across the gap. .

Glow Lab quickly turns out to be the name of some products that are very popular with Australian consumers. Stellar’s mission is to elevate and expand brand awareness, through media and advertising, influencer relations and media partnerships.

During the nomination, agency director Hayley Cole said, “Glow Lab is a brand and a company that our team is proud to partner with. It’s incredibly exciting to work with a team of expert chemists who create products from nature and enriched with scientifically proven ingredients to create natural products that really work.

“Good skincare should be accessible to everyone and Glow Lab has made that a reality, without compromising on quality and adhering to a strict cruelty-free and wicked-free policy.”

In Australia, Glow Lab is currently available at Woolworths, Coles, Big W and Chemist Warehouse.

Glow Lab is the most recent company to join Stellar’s range of lifestyle brands, including Australia’s leading premium family bedding manufacturer and sleep solutions experts, AH Beard; Sydney’s rising hospitality stars, Odd Culture Group; Sydney’s signature fine dining establishment, Cafe Sydney; online seafood market, Manettas; Toby’s Estate Cafe; hair brand, True Me; and wellness brand, Arbonne.


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