Goose debuts group coverage at Swanzey, NH Drive-In Show [Photos/Full Audio]


goose rolled in Live drive-in in Swanzey, NH for the final stop of their road trip on Saturday. The concert saw the first performance of a cover of The group, as well as a double dose of Tom is waiting.

This show is the latest for the rising Connecticut quartet-turned-quintet, which has satiated a content-hungry audience with a plethora of social distancing and drive-in shows across the Northeast. Last weekend the band also performed at Higher ground driving experience at Essex Junction, VT Friday before the performance in Swanzey.

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Beginning with “Yeti”, things quickly took an unexpected turn with Goose’s first cover of “Look Out Cleveland” by The Band. Given Goose’s impending performance at Valley of Legends in Thornville, OH next Thursday, this blanket may have been better suited to Buckeye State, but it certainly kept the public on their toes.

Next is the relatively new track ‘Honeybee’, which the band debuted in Goosemas VI celebration on December 21, 2019 at Wall Street Theater. After that, “Jive I” led to the first improvisation moment of the evening with “Madhuvan”. This live cut stretched near the 20-minute mark and was just a taste of what was to come in the second set. With time for one more, Goose shot “726” before lowering the curtain for the setbreak.

Back on stage, the group got back to it with “Tumble” which once again extended over a territory of nearly 20 minutes. As a result of this exploratory vehicle, Goose brought fans back to Earth with Tom Waits’ “Conventional Prostitute in Minneapolis Christmas Card”. While there were a few notable mistakes in the song, it wouldn’t be the last time audiences would hear of Mr. Waits. Goose then returned to his own catalog and got back to the heart of the matter with an extended series of “All I Need”, which sparked a series of sequences through “Echo Of A Rose” and finally “Flodown” for close the second set. .

Back on stage for an encore, Rick mitarotonda admitted their mistake in the deck of “Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis”, so the band opted to cover the song, this time pasting the landing. This second version of the song then led to “Jive Lee” to close the night.

Scroll down to view a gallery of images of Goose at Drive-In Live in Swanzey, NH courtesy of the photographer Charlie jenkins. The full concert audio is also available on the Internet Archive thanks to the cone J. Cable. For a full list of upcoming Goose performances, visit here.

Goose – Drive-In Live – Swanzey, NH – 10/3/20

Setlist: Goose | Live drive-in | Swanzey, NH | 10/3/20

Series 1: Yeti, Look Out Cleveland {1}, Honey Bee {2}, Jive I, Madhuvan, 726

Set Two: Tumble, Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis {3}, All I Need {4}> Echo of a Rose> Flodown

Again: Christmas card from a prostitute in Minneapolis {3}> Jive Lee

Coach’s Notes:
{1} The group, FTP
{2} JonL on rain stick
{3} Tom is waiting
{4} Slow and melodic version of AIN


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