Graham Brown Band will play at LB’s Pub


When the Graham Brown Band arrived in the area in March 2020 for their annual tour, the band members had no idea it would be their last gig for two years. Luckily, the visit turned into a dual purpose adventure.

“One of our shows at LB was cancelled. I don’t remember why. So what do you do with your free time? I found a studio to record a few songs. It was called Edmonton Studios, a hip little place That day we recorded 18 songs live,” said Graham Brown, who grew up in St. Albert.

During the lockdown, the recordings were tossed on a shelf gathering dust and virtually forgotten.

“I had a lot of free time and was cleaning out an old cabinet. I found it and wondered what it looked like. I took it to an old friend, Bill Buckingham, an engineer and producer, and told him I didn’t expect to hear from him for a while, but he called me right back and said, “It’s your next album. But I don’t know about it.” didn’t believe,” Brown said.

The Vancouver-based roots rocker went to Buckingham’s Palace Studio and listened to the tracks. Indeed, the songs were great, and the group was tight. Most of the time they delivered electric power featuring a group at the peak of their power.

The result was Spirit & Soul officially released in July 2021. With pandemic restrictions lifted across Canada, the band is planning a three-legged tour for Alberta. It takes place in Calgary, Red Deer and St. Albert on Saturday, April 9 at LB’s Pub.

For over 30 years, Brown has played with the same musicians on different projects, including Happyman and Graham Brown & The Prairie Dogs. Its musicians include guitarist-keyboardist Rob Blackburn, bassist John Werner and drummer Mark Gruft.

As the band’s primary songwriter, Brown fills in all 11 song titles about romantic relationships: Lasting Love, Unrequited Love, and Love Gone Wrong. Let’s get high is a simple love song. drink for two reflects the morning after a dark experience. And the ballad Do not be afraid encourages everyone to be their own person.

As for Hauntedthe group’s first single was written in a matter of days.

“It’s about a man in love with a woman and they’re friends. He’s always loved her, but he didn’t tell her anything and she takes advantage of him.

And while the album is loaded with whimsical six-string pyrotechnics, it is balanced with several soulful tracks such as Naturallya written tribute to the late Tom Petty on the day of his death.

The concert at LB’s also promises to introduce some new songs, like Feathers down.

“It’s heavy, a deep, rich and crispy song with good electric guitar. It’s about people who put themselves above the rest – people who are a bunch of peacocks.

Brown encourages the community to get out there, spread some love, and once again dance with friends.

“Be nice to each other and take care of each other. Life goes by pretty fast.”

The concert begins at 9 p.m. at 23 Akins Dr. Cover charge: $10.


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