Harmful Metal Band ANUBIS Drops Haunting Music Video For “I, Anachronism”


Hungry Los Angeles power/thrash metal band ANUBIS release their sinister new single “Me, anachronism” and its accompanying music video on Thursday, March 31. This will be the first clip of their next EP Eternal youth, eternal night. Founded in 2018, the group consists of a bassist and a vocalist Devin Reicheguitarists Justin Escamille and Eleazar Llerenasbass player John Dolanand drummer Zed Amarin.

The disturbing and apocalyptic music video was produced and directed by Tsunam Kirdo of Tsunami Movies and hosted by Tom Gaffey to Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, California. The entire video was shot in the theater’s basement, an eerie underbelly that is said to be one of the most haunted places in America.

“This is the most ambitious project ANUBIS ever undertook,” says the lead singer Devin Reiche“We had 3 makeup artists and almost 30 extras and we just took over the basement of the theater. I’m actually a bit shocked at how smooth the filming process was and how well the end result was. With angles of twisted camera and blood-splattered chords, the clip plays like a prophetic horror movie, an ode to the band’s ominous sound.

ANUBIS does not compromise on their musicality. Both guitarists are classically trained, and each member has an important history that culminates in their current skills. reich was the original bassist of an international thrash band Hatchetand Amarin is a spokesperson for Axis Percussion. They credit artists from across the metal spectrum with influences in their music: BLIND GUARDIAN, HELLO, WILL, METALLICand KENNEDY DEAD to name a few. This melting pot of metallic sounds sets them apart and arouses the enthusiasm of fans and audiences alike. ANUBIS making waves as a new band to watch on the LA metal scene and the devilish resonance of their music video for “I, Anachronism” is unmatched.


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