Heavy Metal Band Mastodon Perform Acoustic Show Live From Georgia Aquarium


The majestic waves of heavy metal music will overwhelm spellbound fans in July in a surprising setting. Grammy-winning rock band Mastodon goes acoustic for a live performance at the Georgia Aquarium, a format never before attempted for the metal giants of Atlanta, against a backdrop of majestic aquariums. The concert is a collaboration with Dreamstage, a new live concert streaming platform specializing in capturing highly organized performances and productions in HD. The program will also feature exclusive commentary from Mastodon, talking about their creative process. This will be the first, perhaps the only, acoustic concert to be given by the group. Founding member and rhythm guitarist Bill Kelliher joined senior “City Lights” producer Kim Drobes to talk about the group’s evolution and the unique experience they will bring to the Aquarium.

Interview highlights:

On the rock traditions that inspired the quartet fusing genres:

“I grew up listening to stuff that was on the radio because that was all there was,” Kelliher said. “But once I accidentally heard The Dead Kennedys, everything I knew about music changed. Once I moved on from listening to Led Zeppelin and trying to play this thing on the guitar , hearing the Ramones, I was like, “I can actually play this stuff …” and “I can make a band.” And I did. “

“Once I discovered punk rock music it was like the freedom to ‘Oh I don’t have to go to Berkeley or take guitar lessons for the next ten years to be a part of it. ‘a group “. It’s more a question of writing than skill. And I took this, and I ran with it.

The first difficult days of Mastodon:
“We went there with nothing but the guitars on our backs and the nine songs we had learned together, and we just started doing it… Then when we did, the big houses of records would take us to lunch and take us for drinks and woo us, it was like the stuff you see in the movies. It was exactly like that, ”Kelliher recalls. “You get that nerdy guy from any record company, ‘Oh, guys, I wanna get you out, get you drunk, and then we’ll talk business. We just played hard to get… We’ve heard horror stories where, like, once these majors take over, everything changes… We just like to do what we do.

How to transmute heavy rock into an aquatic soundscape:

“We tried tweaking some of the songs a bit to make them a bit more acoustic… It didn’t sound as difficult as I thought,” Kelliher said. “We really wanted to make it something special for the aquarium and for our fans, something that we had never done before. We all have acoustic guitars, and Troy has an acoustic bass. We just went through our songlists – we have about 90, 100 songs… There are a few that we haven’t played live before.

“Someone in the group was like, ‘It would be really cool to play in the aquarium someday’, just to have the backdrop of all the fish, it’s just nature… It’s something something that no one has really done before, especially in metal or hard rock.

Mastodon performs at the Georgia Aquarium on July 15 at 9 p.m. ET. Tickets to watch the livestream are available at www.dreamstage.live/event/mastodon

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