Hotwax “seriously brilliant teen band from Hastings add post-punk invention to grunge grrrl anthems”



Hotwax are three 17-year-old grrrls from Hastings who quickly left their grunge roots behind to create this stunning new musical landscape. they retained the corrosive raw power of their most punky travels, but added texture and space-sand rhythm to the sound and created a stunning new musical landscape that’s a giant leap from their admittedly already great old youngsters. which have already been released on Evil Blizzard. tag and rave here


Yet another great girl group moving the musical narrative forward, Hotwax is going to be big. They have the songs that come armed with powerful choruses, they have the inventiveness to implant their own sound and they are all brilliant musicians.

Hotwax rips the model and rips the scenes apart with a thrilling deconstruction of their grunge roots in a post-punk landscape.

They have the firepower of the pioneers of grunge but there are also many moments of reinvention where they create their own soundscape. This is what makes Hotwax surprisingly important. They take the noise away with inventive brilliance. It’s a post-punk adventure where they turn a song into a clipped hi-hat or another built around an inventive bass. They break the norm and their music is full of surprising and effective twists that somehow manage to create a new landscape in guitar music.

Or : Hot Wax Group Camp


Sure, they’re dealing intense anthems with huge life-dealing choruses, like on their next single that roars like Hole did a long time ago. The band deliver their songs of modern girl life screaming at the stupid world and standing up for themselves in the great old tradition of girl power grrrl. The musicianship of the band is off the scale – the bass does things I’ve never heard before, the guitar switches pedals to create nuance, tension and texture, the drums keep the power but don’t never does the obvious thing and the vocals are exciting and gut.

Just when you thought it was all done, someone comes along and reinvents the wheel yet again.

Hotwax is the latest new future in the musical narrative of the new century.


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