Hypnotic Heavy Metal Band SPELL Releases New ‘Fever Dream’ Video


Fantastic heavy metal band SPELL will release his new LP, “Tragic Magic”October 28 via Bad Omen Files. Featuring ten top-notch progressive heavy music tracks awash with haunting atmospheres, “Tragic Magic” sees SPELL adopting a decidedly grittier lyrical approach, leaning less towards escapism, while tackling the real-life challenges of modern times. Striking cover art by Canadian artist Francesco Gemelli (Master, Esoctrilihum) hints at the palpable power the disc promises.

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Before the release of “Tragic Magic”, SPELL release a video for the new track, “Fever Dream”(Realized by Scotti Gibsonwith a photograph of Kyle Samuels & makeup effects by Caitlin Rose Delaplace and edited by Vince Edwards) an alluring earworm that melds darkwave and progressive-psych in mesmerizing fashion while exploring the realms of “nightmares and sleep paralysis“. Watch the clip below.

Fever Dream” comes straight from the most kinky and scariest times I’ve experienced deep in sickness and sleep,” offers SPELL singer/guitarist Cam Mesmer. “These things may not make sense in the light of day, but once they settle in, you have no choice but to follow their twisted path. Deep in the nightmares and sleep paralysis, I have conflicting desires: first the urge to shake off and escape, but also a second, deeper instinct – to give in to feeling and allow it to conquer completely to see where it will take me. This song represents your darkest subconscious, urging you to allow this evil inside of you and give it the power to take you to a new, ungodly place. Now go back to sleep…

“Tragic Magic” is the highly anticipated sequel to SPELLCritically Acclaimed 2020 LP, “opulent decay», a record hailed as «fantasy rock” by Blabbermouthenchanting” by The heavy blog is heavyand “a captivating blend of Rush- and Blue Öyster Cult” by Revolver. “Tragic Magic” was written and recorded entirely as a collaboration between brothers Cam and Al (lester); the record’s song craft is steeped in arcane atmosphere, but the hooks are sharper than ever. While influences like the esoteric charge of the above Cult of the blue oyster and the elementary expansions of camel and King Crimson drift through these twilight melodies, SPELL are just as likely to be influenced by the vital energy of 60s Motown, the ethereal dimensions of Cocteau twinsthe strident misfortune of Candlemasand the classic songwriting chops of Russ Ballard.

The themes of this album are more concrete, guided by personal experience,” offers Mesmer. “tragic magic‘ has to do with mental illness, aging, the death of a loved one, the decay of time… this is what ‘tragic magic’ means to us – loss and tragedy beyond our control, which fundamentally changes our perception of reality. This album is our response to the world as it is now: the music of an ascetic age.

And we couldn’t be happier with the outcome“, Mesmer keep on going. “The identity of SPELL came to the point as it was always intended to be. The music is magic and SPELL is a spell. Basically, it’s a forum for realizing our dreams.

Album “Tragic magic” Work of a Polish painter Wladyslaw Podkowinski

“Tragic Magic” List of tracks:

1. Fatal Breath
2. Ultraviolet
3. Hades’ Embrace
4. Fever dream
5. Sarcophagus
6. Cruel optimism
7. A Ruined Garden
8. Chained Souls
9. Observer of the Seas
10. Observation


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