Independent band heads to Blue Lamp for concert in Aberdeen

Founding members (left) Charlie Clark and Willie Campbell.

MAJOR ’90s Scottish indie band Astrid will perform in Aberdeen next month.

The band, playing their first gig in the northeast since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic on February 8, will mix classics with more recent tunes.

Combining swirling harmonies with a blues touch on guitar, the group has performed alongside prominent artists such as Belle and Sebastian and Snow Patrol.

The group was formed in Glasgow in the 1990s but has strong ties to the Isle of Lewis, where the original band members Charlie Clark and Willie Campbell were located.

NME described their sound as: “Incredibly beautiful power pop, loaded with dizzying harmonies so airy and angelic it looks like they might dissolve if you listen too loudly.” “

After eight years of success, the group broke up in 2004.

In 2015, however, they reformed and have recorded and performed shows ever since.

The band’s concert at Aberdeen’s Blue Lamp follows a new single called Through the Darkness of Your Life.

Leader Charlie Clark said, “Through the darkness of your life, it’s kind of getting older and using past experiences and the knowledge you have learned to really start applying them to your life. “

However, there are a few unexpected influences on this single.

Charlie said: “During the pandemic, I revisited a lot of occult literature, the power of positive thinking type books and many talks by Alan Watts, Ram Das and Bob Proctor that interested me as a teenager.

“One book in particular, The Kybalion, which is a very small book but filled with all of these amazing ideas and principles.”

Through The Darkness of Your Life will air on all services starting January 21, with a limited run of 300 seven-inch discs available exclusively through mail order or at Astrid concerts.

The vinyl will also feature the B-side Opposites Meet, a live fan favorite originally written by William Campbell in 1999, but which has remained unfinished and unheard of until now.

Tickets for the Astrid Show in Aberdeen can be purchased at:

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