Is Five Finger Death Punch the biggest metal band in the world behind Metallica?


Five Finger Death Punch recently released two YouTube videos titled “5FDP x METALLICA – The Very First Time…”, chronicling their jaunt to the 2022 European Festival and their first stage-sharing moment with Metallica, which took place at the Download Festival in Germany.

“It’s amazing to me that we’ve been on tour for almost 15 years and never crossed paths with this band,” vocalist Ivan Moody says in the first video.

For 5FDP, the meeting was important because the legendary thrashers had a huge influence on the band (“Metallica sort of paved the way”, comments 5FDP guitarist Zoltan Bathory), but also because, as they say, Five Finger Death Punch is apparently, next to Metallica, the biggest metal band in the world.

In the caption accompanying the videos, the band writes: METALLICA and 5FDP crossed paths for the first time… It was an honor and an incredible spectacle… And… Measured by total consumption (streams. downloads, and record combined sales) The #1 Heavy Metal band in the world is METALLICA!!! Because of you guys! True fans… Five Finger Death Punch snuck up on this list all the way to #2.

As Bathory says in the video, this fact “feels good. It’s surreal, but it’s also right.

As to whether it’s true? The Pit has taken the liberty of compiling a few statistics which, while not entirely indicative one way or the other, are certainly impressive. Among other accomplishments, Five Finger Death Punch has: released seven consecutive albums which have been certified gold or platinum; tied Disturbed for the most consecutive number-one single in the history of Billboardthe Mainstream Rock Airplay charts of; and sold over one million concert tickets between 2018 and 2020.

Additionally, the band just kicked off another US arena headlining tour, this one in support of their new album, Life after deathwith another legendary thrash band, Megadeth, to support them.

You can check out the 5FDP x Metallica videos above and below, as well as all of the 5FDP/Megadeth tour dates here.


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