Jagger kisses McCartney’s ‘Cover Band’ dig


– Mick Jagger paused between songs to say a few words to the more than 50,000 fans at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, a large crowd for a cover band. “There are so many celebrities here tonight, of course, you know, naturally,” he said. “Megan Fox is here. She’s adorable. Leonardo DiCaprio. Lady Gaga.” Then he came to the punch line, United States today reports. “Paul McCartney is here. He will join us later in a blues cover.” It was a reference to a photo the Beatle took on The Stones in a recent New Yorker maintenance. “I’m not sure I should say it, but this is a blues cover band, it’s kind of what the Stones are,” said McCartney. “I think our net was a bit wider than theirs.”

Not all members of the public understood Jagger’s joke, and a fan’s efforts to raise an anti-McCartney cheer after Thursday night’s concert were unsuccessful, per Variety. Both groups have been doing this for over half a century. John Lennon entered the scene in 1970, recounting Rolling stone that the Stones – who started playing covers – “aren’t in the same class, in terms of music or power, have never been.” Most recently, in 2015, Keith Richards called the Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Group, “a hodge-podge of garbage.” Most importantly, music criticism came from Jagger and McCartney.

Last year, McCartney analyzed the Blues roots of the Stones and said the Beatles had more influences. “I love the Stones,” he said, before concluding, “The Beatles were better.” Jagger replied in another interview, “He’s a lover. There is obviously no competition.” The frontman of the Stones also looked at the position of the two groups in 2021. “One group is playing incredibly happily still in the stadiums,” Jagger said, “and the other group does not exist.” The Stones play SoFi again on Sunday night, by Variety. (Read more stories from the Rolling Stones.)


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