Japanese metal band Mary’s Blood to release self-titled 6th album



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Japanese queens of metal the blood of Mary will launch their powerful self-titled CD album internationally starting November 5, 2021, in retail, and sooner when you order direct from JPU Records. The release marks the ninth anniversary of the group’s current formation, which Japanese media have dubbed “the most wanted girl group of the year” and as having “unimaginably true metal”.

Metal icon Yorimasa Hisatake helps Mary’s Blood explore the essence of Heavy Metal more deeply than ever. The producer and musical personality is behind the cult metal phenomenon ANIMETAL (a band that reinvented classic anime songs as heavy metal bangers in the late 90s) and worked with some of the greats Japanese names of the genus, including Galneryus and Aldious.

The main track “Starlight” was posted on YouTube and garnered international acclaim. The track, a quarter of its running time of which is occupied by epic guitar solos from guitarist SAKI, is the first taste of what to expect from the eponymous album. Mary’s Blood will feature 11 fierce tracks composed by each member of the band, resulting in the diverse but distinctly “Mary’s Blood” sound for which the quartet is famous. This international release also features exclusive translations and transliterations of the English lyrics in the packaging, making fans overseas to feel closer than ever to Mary’s Blood.

Mary’s Blood has supported Marty Friedman, DragonForce and Secret Sphere on tour, as well as headlining festivals at home and abroad. The band has sold every track they’ve played since entering Japan’s official top ten album charts in 2014 with their album. Countdown to evolution and have been listed in many “Japan’s best bands” lists.

Blood of Mary – Blood of Mary

1. Last sunrise
2. Without crown
3. Explode your fire
4. Joker
5. Be myself
6. Umbrella
7. ignite
8. Hunger
9. Let me out
10. Mad lady
11. Starlight
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