Joanna Cotten, longtime singer of Eric Church, leaves the group


It’s the end of an era for Eric Church’s live show: his backing vocalist and close collaborator Joanna Cotten is embarking on a solo career, after nearly a decade of touring with Church and his band.

Cotten shared the news on social media, explaining that she originally planned to take some time off after Church’s Gather Again tour to “focus on writing new songs and having some time off and recuperating. “, but his plans changed during this break. road.

“I intended to come back, but God has other plans,” Cotten continues. “I also want you all to know that your energy has carried me through so many shows with Eric. What a run we’ve had. I’m so grateful for the stages I sang with him on and the people I met along the way.”

Cotten was signed to Warner Bros. in the mid-2000s as a solo artist, but at the time her blend of country music with the soul and gospel roots she picked up growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, didn’t achieve much. aired on country radio. She finally left her label in 2007 with no album to show. In 2019, she says La Botte that her biggest regret is the fact that the songs she made during this time never had a chance to reach the ears of fans.

“I never had a chance to reach out to people – just to see how they reacted – which was probably the saddest part for me,” Cotten explained at the time, “Because I knew that if I could personally bring my music to people, I felt I would get a strong response.”

But between the fanbase she built while touring with Church and the advent of a more soulful style of country music popularized by artists like Chris Stapleton, Cotten said a return to solo music was always on his mind.

Meanwhile, touring with Church, Cotten redefined the definition of a backing vocalist: special moments in Church’s show put her in the spotlight, and she even brought her own fans to shows wearing handmade shirts. hand with her name on it and inspiring. her to start a merchandise line.

Cotten didn’t say exactly what was in store for her next chapter in her career, but in her post announcing her departure from Church’s band, she promised fans they’d see her on the road “before you know her.” know it!”

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