Judas Priest, legendary heavy metal band, will stop at the TaxSlayer Center


MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) – In a press release, the TaxSlayer Center announced that heavy metal legends Judas Priest have announced the dates for their “50 Heavy Metal Years” U.S. tour, and will be stopping by the TaxSlayer Center on October 29. The 50 Heavy Metal Years Tour is scheduled to take place in the fall of 2022 and will also feature opening Queensryche depending on the release. Judas Priest was recently announced as a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Class of 2022 and released his career-highest album with 2018’s “Firepower” charting at No. 5 on the Billboard 200.

“After the last horrific years of restrictions we have all had to endure, what better place to break free than the land of the free – the United States!” said Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill.

Judas Priest originally formed in 1970 in Birmingham, England (a region that many believe gave birth to heavy metal). The original core of musicians would change the face of heavy metal. Throughout the 70s, Priest was responsible for helping trail blaze metal with such classic offerings as ‘Sad Wings of Destiny’ (1976) ‘Sin After Sin’ (1977) and ‘Hell Bent for Leather’ (1978) as well as one of the best live recordings of the genre ‘Unleashed in the East’ (1979) among others.

It was during the 80s that Priest took the world by storm, becoming a headliner in the global arena with such all-time classics as ‘British Steel’ (1980) and ‘Screaming for Vengeance’ ( 1982), as well as being one of the first metal bands to be embraced by then-booming MTV, as well as performing at some of the biggest gigs of the decade (1980’s Monsters of Rock, 1983’s American Festival and 1985’s Live Aid) and being the first to wear exclusively leather and studs – a look that began around this time and would eventually be embraced by metal heads around the world. Priest’s success continued through the 90s and beyond with the addition of drummer Scott Travis, as evidenced by such additional stellar offerings as ‘Painkiller’ (1990) ‘Angel of Retribution’ (2005) and ‘A Touch of Evil: Live’ (2009) the latter of which saw Priest win a Grammy Award for a murderous rendition of the classic ‘Dissident Aggressor’.

Priest’s next studio effort would come in 2014’s “Redeemer of Souls” which was backed by another solid tour. In 2018, Priest released his latest studio album “Firepower” (produced by Andy Sneap and Tom Allom) which received global acclaim and critical acclaim. In 2020, a fully official and authorized photographic book, “Judas Priest: 50 Heavy Metal Years”, was released, followed in 2021 by the 42-CD box set, “Judas Priest: 50 Heavy Metal Years of Music”.

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