Lab-grown ‘Ranch’ diamond sells for $13,000

New York – From Panera Bread and Pepsi to Domino’s and KFC, a number of food brands have created kitschy diamond rings to capture customers’ attention.

The latest is über-popular condiment and dip Hidden Valley Ranch, which launched a one-of-a-kind diamond made with its signature ranch dressing on March 10, also known as “National Ranch Day” for those who celebrate.

Created by Geologist and LifeGem Vice President Dean VandenBiesen, the 2.01-carat round brilliant, G VVS1 Lab Diamond, was made by heating Hidden Valley Ranch Dry Seasoning Mix to 2,500 degrees, then crushing it under 400 tons of pressure, the company said.

The process took a total of five months.

Chicago-based LifeGem is a company that creates diamonds as commemorative coins using the ashes of a beloved human or animal.

“The Ranch dressing contains carbon. Technically and theoretically, we can extract carbon from ranch dressing, as a carbon source for growing diamonds, using [it] with CVD or HPHT technology,” Dr. Wuyi Wang, GIA vice president of research and development, said in a statement to National Jeweler.

“In practice, I don’t think it can become a real carbon source for diamond growth.”

When asked if anything could be introduced into the mix when growing diamonds, Wang explained that certain elements can be added to the diamond lattice during the growing process, such as nitrogen, boron , silicon and nickel. Their diamond concentrations, as impurities, are very low.

“However,” he noted, “we can’t add everything.”

The inside of the ring set with the lab grown “ranch” diamond is engraved with “HVR LVR”, which is short for Hidden Valley Ranch lover.

The lab-grown ranch diamond is set in a 14k white gold band with “HVR LVR,” or Hidden Valley Ranch Lover, engraved inside.

“Last year, when one of our personalized Valentine’s Day bottles was used in a marriage proposal, we were inspired,” Deb Crandall, director of marketing at Hidden Valley Ranch, said in a statement. Press.

“We have seen the love of the ranch become part of one of the most beautiful moments in life. It made us wonder, how can we make this act of love even more memorable? »

The ring went on sale on eBay from March 10-17, with bidding starting at $310.

The winning bid was $12,550, with all proceeds going to Feeding America, Hidden Valley Ranch said.


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