LAB returns with “Fashion Dread Dub”, a dubbed version of their original track “Fashion Dread”


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With the band’s blessing, Baldini picked from LAB’s catalog and lovingly created this dub album, live in one take, with no overdubs or edits.

LONDON, UK, Sept. 26, 2022 / — LAB & Paolo Baldini DubFiles
Loop recordings Aot(ear)oa / Echo Beach

LAB returns with “Fashion Dread Dub”, a dubbed version of their original track “Fashion Dread”, accompanied by a live mixing video.

“Fashion Dread Dub” is the second single from LAB’s upcoming album, LAB In Dub (out October 21), a ten-track album featuring an array of LAB dubbed tracks from Italian producer Paolo Baldini DubFiles.

This collection of tunes was lovingly crafted by Baldini in his Alambic Conspiracy studio in San Foca, Italy. Each dub was created live in the studio, with Baldini working live on the stems of each track. These new releases are all created in one take with no overdubs or edits, creating entirely new versions.

LAB In Dub sees Baldini add his dub twist to an eclectic lineup of 10 LAB originals. Given the group’s blessing, Baldini made his pick from LAB’s catalog, one that includes number one singles and multi-platinum tracks. However, the resulting collection combines deeper cuts from the catalog with some of the best-known tracks. Snippets from their unrivaled live set such as “Baby Will You Let Me” and “Rocketship” appear, alongside tracks like “Like Fire” and “Running” that have never been performed live.

A lovingly crafted release inspired and guided by the dub sound that serves as a constant inspiration, LAB In Dub is a special album made not only for dub lovers, but one that will seek to lead new fans down the dub path.

The single, Fashion Dread Dub – based on the track from LAB’s studio album, LAB II – will be released on September 23.

The single heralds the release of the full ten-track album, LAB In Dub, on October 21.
Pre-orders for the album are available now.


Formed in New Zealand, multi-award winning and platinum band LAB plays a seamless blend of reggae, rock, blues, electronic and funk. After releasing five albums in five years, the group established themselves on the New Zealand charts, with ‘In The Air’ and ‘Why Oh Why’ reaching number one and remaining on the charts for over three years.

Bassist, producer, engineer and sound visionary Paolo Baldini hails from Pordenone in northeastern Italy. He has been a member of BR Stylers, Africa United and THE DUB SYNC, and currently records and tours under the names Paolo Baldini Dubfiles and Dolomites Rockers. He is the in-house producer for Italian reggae stars Mellow Mood.

Echo Beach is an independent label, formed in Hamburg, Germany, specializing in dub. His releases include music from Jamaican legends such as Lee Scratch Perry and Horace Andy.

Loop produces creative and intellectual content delivered through music, film, art and event media. Loop was founded in Wellington, New Zealand in 2001 and continued the mission of the cross-platform magazine Loop.

Artist(s): LAB & Paolo Baldini DubFiles
Song Name: Fashion Dread Dub
Producer: LAB & Paolo Baldini DubFiles
Music label: Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa (ROW) & Echo Beach (EU)
Country: New Zealand / Italy
Album Title: LAB In Dub
Composer(s): Ara Adams Tamatea, Miharo Gregory, Brad Kora, Stu Kora, Joel Shadbolt
Publishers: Loop Publishing
Admin Editors: Loopback Publishing
ISRC: NZLP02200789
Distributor: Loop / ADA
Explicit/Clean: Clean
Musicians: Ara Adams Tamatea, Miharo Gregory, Brad Kora, Stu Kora, Joel Shadbolt
Studios: Original tracks recorded at Surgery Studios, Wellington. Dubs recorded at Alambic Conspiracy Studio, San Foca, Italy
Dub engineer: Paolo Baldini
Digital Single: September 23, 2022

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LAB & Paolo Baldini DubFiles – Dread Dub Mode [Official Live Mixdown]


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