Lebanon’s only female metal band hits the big screen in new doc


Lebanon is a country with a complicated political situation and a deep history and culture. However, it is not a country known for its heavy metal music. Not to mention the heavy metal music made by women. Maybe the next documentary, “Sirenswill help change this perception.

“Sirens” follows an all-female metal band as they struggle with friendship, sexuality and destruction in their quest to become thrash metal stars. They will also have to deal with the weight of being the first and only girl group to come out of Lebanon.

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This isn’t the first time Oscilloscope Laboratories has touched the music industry. In June 2022, they release the film “Setter” which focused on the underground live music scene. They also released the documentary “He’s no ordinary man” about Canadian jazz singer Billy Tipton, who came out as transgender after his death.

“Mermaids” is directed by “Rising City” producer, Rita Baghdadi. The Washington-born director is primarily drawn to documentaries and is best known for her work on “Subject”, “My country is no more”, and “Dark Moon Rising.” “Sirens” is produced by Maya Rudolph, Natasha Lyonne, and veteran producer Danielle Renfrew Behrens.

Baghdadi’s film won the Grand Jury Prize at Outfest in July 2022, and “Sirens” was also in the official selection at the Sundance Film Festival. “Mermaids” will play Lilas Mayassi, Shery Bechara, Maya Khairallah, Alma Doumani, Tatyana Boughaba.

Here is the official synopsis:

In the suburbs of Beirut, Lilas and her acolytes, Shery, Maya, Alma and Tatyana (Slave to Sirens), have big dreams but few opportunities. When the band’s appearance at a British music festival doesn’t change the life they had hoped for, Lilas returns to Lebanon on the brink of collapse. At the same time, the complicated relationship between Lilas and fellow guitarist Shery begins to fracture. The future of her group, her country and her dreams is now at stake, Lilas is at a crossroads. She must decide what kind of leader she will be, not only for her group, but also as a young woman struggling to define herself in Lebanon, a country as complex as each of the mermaids themselves.

“Sirens” is set to hit theaters on September 30.


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