Legendary Heavy Metal Band STRYPER Release New Single “Transgressor”


Legendary heavy metal band stripper released their latest single “Transgressor” today September 15the on their next album The final battle scheduled for release on October 21st2022. “Transgressor” follows the successful release of first single “Rise To The Call” and second single “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”, both of which received praise from press and fans alike in the buildup. upcoming groups. album.

This new album was produced by frontman Michael Sweet, and firmly continues the trend established over the band’s later albums, even somehow managing to beat its immediate predecessors, More hell to pay (2013), Fallen (2015), god fucking evil (2018), and Even the devil believes (2020), continuing the band’s latest unprecedented career streak of releasing arguably the best albums of their decades-long career. The final battle sees the band go heavier while retaining their trademark melodies, virtuoso guitar playing and tense rhythms.

The final battle was conceived during the most difficult period of the band’s career. But rather than let adversity get them down, the band embraced those challenges and channeled them into writing some of the greatest songs of their career. One of those great songs is the band’s latest single “Transgressor” from The final battle. Asked about this new single stripper Frontman Michael Sweet said, “Transgressor is a ride like no other. You take off at 100 MPH and it doesn’t stop until the very last note. It’s definitely one of our heavier songs, but we wanted to incorporate melody and structure. We’re really excited about this one and can’t wait to play it live!


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