LG Art Lab: NFT Marketplace to Buy, Sell and Trade Tokens via Smart TV


LG is giving the public access to an NFT Marketplace through its smart TVs with the Art Lab app it recently launched today, making the service more accessible to everyone. It allows people to buy, sell, and trade tokens directly on display technology without needing to use computers or smartphones to access platforms that sell the non-fungible tokens.

LG Art Lab: NFT Marketplace for Smart TV

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JANUARY 08: LG Signature OLED TV R televisions on display at the LG booth at CES 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 8, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Yes, that is correct. LG announced the arrival of an NFT marketplace called “Art Lab” for its smart TV businesses, seeing the platform as an app on its menu page.

The company’s new Art Lab platform is available only for the US region, specifically for those whose LG smart TVs are running webOS 5.0 or later. Users can download the Art Lab app for direct access to the NFT platform directly to their TV screens, focusing on trading directly on their devices.

Older software versions and TVs that cannot be upgraded to 5.0 or later may not be able to download the company’s Art Lab.

According to The Verge, LG’s first NFT drops will take place by September 22, bringing artwork from Barry X Ball.

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LG Art Lab vs. Samsung NFT

LG competes with South Korean multi-tech company Samsung, on NFT platforms directly available on smart TVs. Samsung first announced the NFT Marketplace for its smart TVs where users can directly buy, sell and trade the tokens last May.

NFT is now available in most modern technologies around the world, also expanding platforms to televisions and the like.

LG technology for everyone

South Korean tech maker, LG, brings a significant number of technologies available to everyone, and it aims to meet many consumer needs, including display technology, batteries and other company businesses. . LG is famous for its smart home which focuses heavily on its display technology, primarily with its OLED smart TVs which provide a cinematic experience.

LG’s smartphone development already said goodbye last year, and a supposedly expanding display technology known as “LG Rollable” hasn’t been made public despite massive interest.

Still, previous LG smartphones like the “LG Wing” have continued support to access 5G and new C-band spectrum, especially from Verizon.

The company’s reorientation and new focus on its Smart TV display technology, as well as other LG products. NFT integration for smart TVs isn’t new, as Samsung already announced earlier this year, but its growing industry sees a take on LG to focus on Art Lab, directly promoting token trading. for televisions.

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