Los Angeles doom metal band Black Math Horseman announce new self-titled EP — MP3 and PNJ


Los Angeles doom metal band Black Math Horseman will be making a comeback this fall.

Announced today, the band will release their new self-titled EP on October 21 via Profound Lore Records. The disc’s first single titled “The Bough” comes with a music video co-directed by Travis Shinn and Jeremy Danger, which you can watch below.

Singer Sera Timms had this to say about the new song and EP:

“The essence of the album is about defeating a great enemy, a great opposing force, and reaching a place of harmony that has never been found before. You go to a dark place and destroy the relationships you love, all ego-based. Eventually, you have nothing. And when you have nothing, you have to find a new way of doing things. That’s where we are now as a band and family, and that’s also the theme of the record.

“The Bough” is basically that moment when you realize you’ve courted an illusion. You’ve put your heart and soul into courting this illusion, but when you realize there’s nothing behind it, you want to destroy everything – not just the illusion, but reality and yourself. It’s that flash of clarity that comes from destruction – that’s what the song is about.

Self-titled EP follows Black Math Horseman’s 2009 debut album Wyllt, which helped the band perform at the Roadburn and Primavera Sound festivals. The band quietly fell out of the public eye following internal issues with band members. Timms said:

“When we first got together as a band, we had no other goal than to see if we could make great music together. We made a demo, which turned into an album because “she was appreciated. And then we became a working band who were asked to play gigs and tours. But we never discussed the band’s long-term goals. There was a schism between some members wanting to become a professional band and others wanting to stay at the creative center of the rehearsal space.These disagreements led to the band disbanding.

In 2018, however, the members met to discuss a possible reunion. In March 2020, the group was supposed to open for YOB in Los Angeles, but the lockdown scrapped those plans. Timms had this to say about the band’s reunion:

“At first the conversation was about how we’re all in different places now, and could we even go back to being that group we were? It’s as if it’s been a thousand years since we wrote this music. Since then I had gone in a very different direction and barely listened to heavy music. So at first we just got back together as friends to see what would happen. Maybe we would write completely different music now – and we were all open to that.

When we started jamming again, we were no different. We have discovered that the music that comes from the four of us together is something we have no control over. It just happens. It is a recipe that is beyond us.

Pre-orders for the self-titled EP can be made here.


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