Luki Lab tops holiday wishlists with award-winning toys, available now


Awarded by Parents Magazine as one of Best toys of 2021 for big kids, the new Pinxies Vet Care Center is under $ 20 and the perfect gift for kids who love animals. The Pinxies Fairy Treehouse is another extension of the Pinxies range, inviting kids to build an enchanting two-story fairy hut with a functional swing and slide for woodland friends.

Two new space vehicles extend the line of Gujo Adventure building sets, the Mars Space Explorer and the Mars Hover Ship. Young space explorers build the vehicles and then join the Gujo characters to explore the red planet. For a dinosaur vacation, the colossal Robo-Max is the ultimate building challenge to create an articulated T-Rex, standing over three feet tall!

On the softer side, House Monsters are the cute and cuddly new plush characters that help kids overcome their fear of the things that will bump into the night, by showing that the “monsters” lurking in the shadows aren’t so. scary as they seem. There are six cuddly house monsters to collect and each comes with its own habitat representing where it lives in your home.

“At Luki Lab, we’re on a mission to create the most engaging and surprising toys and games, and our new line keeps that promise, just in time for Christmas gifts,” said Didier Pietri, CEO of Strottman International. “We don’t just empower the next generation of builders and engineers, we also inspire storytellers with imaginative play. We can’t wait to see how parents and kids alike adopt the new line! ”

Children can also enjoy animated short content based on their favorite toys, taking part in fun adventures with the characters Pinxies, Gujo and House Monsters. Luki Lab Animation Studio’s latest webisodes series launches this week on November 19 and available on YouTube channels: Pinxies, Gujo Adventure and House monsters.

Luki Lab’s the must-have holiday toy line includes:

PINX: Discover the enchanting world of Pinxies! With STEM authentication, Pinxies empowers kids to learn problem-solving skills, while inspiring imaginative storytelling with help from the adorable Pinxies characters. Join everyone’s friend Koral as she makes her way through the fantastic world of Pinxies, where making new friends and discovering new places is just the beginning. Each Pinxies set includes highly detailed graphic cardboard panels and colorful plastic construction links along with a variety of accessories. Pinxies characters can hold hands and have interchangeable expressions to encourage storytelling for a full educational experience. Each set is compatible with other Pinxies building sets for extended play value. The Pinxies line includes three new creative building sets, including:

Pinxies Fairy Treehouse
SRP: $ 29.99 | 6+ years | Available now on and

  • Join Pinxies playmate and friend Flora in building a fairy two-story treehouse with a working swing and slide.
  • The 180-piece set includes Flora, three magical forest friends (deer, rabbit, and owl), inflated decorative stickers, and a two-story treehouse structure.

Pinxies Veterinary Care Center
SRP: $ 19.99 | 6+ years | Available now on and

  • Join Koral’s mission to heal animals, including a unicorn and a flying pig, at the vet center with magical treatment and healing.
  • The Vet Care Center set includes 110 pieces, Koral, the veterinary care structure, five magical creatures, puffy stickers and even an x-ray machine!

Pinxies Underwater Band
SRP: $ 24.99 | 6+ years | Available now on and

  • Koral meets new sea creature friends and they put on a rock show under the sea, and the octopus plays the drums for the ultimate fun!
  • This 150-piece set includes Koral, her friend Jewel, six magical creatures, puffy decorative stickers, and a stunning stage structure.

GUJO ADVENTURE: Kids can build their world and create their own adventures with Gujo Adventure! With combined building and role-playing, Gujo Adventure is a line of STEM-authenticated building sets that will enhance children’s problem-solving skills and storytelling abilities while enjoying a fun play experience. The 3¼ inch figures have interchangeable facial expressions to represent a full range of emotions. Each set is made of heavy-duty, high-quality plastic connectors with durable plastic panels. All parts are waterproof and washable and are designed in the United States. The Gujo Adventure line includes two new building sets, including:

Gujo Adventure Mars Space Explorer
SRP: $ 24.99 | 7+ years | Available now on and

  • Gujo isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, but there are situations on Mars that require an elevated view of the Red Planet. Enter the Gujo Adventure Mars Space Explorer, measuring 14.5 “x5”.
  • The Space Explorer is the perfect craft for transporting large cargoes with the included cargo pallet or secure cargo transport container, or for performing rescue missions using the Explorer’s Harness, the all operated by the celestial crane deployed from the space explorer by turning a dial.

Gujo Adventure Mars Hover Ship
SRP: $ 24.99 | 7+ years | Available now on and

  • Gujo is no stranger to the planet Mars, but this time his team outfitted him with the all new Gujo Adventure Mars Hover Ship!
  • Kids build the 64-piece set and adventure follows as the included Gujo figure pilots the 10 “x 9” floating ship across the Red Planet in style.
  • Once Gujo disembarks from the Hover Ship, he is able to operate the rotary rock crusher on the Gujo Adventure Mars Miner, to search for geological clues of life on Mars.

SRP: $ 59.99 | 7 years and over with parental involvement recommended | Available now on and

Introducing the colossal Robo-Max T-Rex, a huge STEM authenticated building set that presents the ultimate building challenge. Consisting of over 170 pieces, including 106 giant screws, a custom screwdriver and a combination of premium plastic and laminated cardboard parts, with a final assembled height of over 3 feet tall! Once assembled, your child will be captivated by the T-Rex’s bright LED eyes, its eight points of articulation at the mouth, head, arms and legs thanks to the assembled hinges at its joints, and an audible loud roar!

SRP: $ 16.99 | 3+ years | Available now on and

House Monsters are wacky, cuddly creatures that live in various places, spaces, and appliances throughout your home. Each has their own unique personality and traits that are characterized by their specific habitats, and made with unique textures and characteristics to enhance their personality. The character lineup includes: Munchy, Dizzy, Drowsy, Sudsy, Bumpy, and Fluffy. Each character comes packaged in their own unique habitat box, designed for play and display. The living quarters include a refrigerator, closet, attic, bed, dishwasher and tumble dryer. A collector’s card with the character’s photo and a unique biography is also included.

SRP: $ 19.99 | 4+ years | Available now on and

Submarings is the latest addition to CLAWSOME! line of retro-cool, unplugged STEM-authenticated skill, speed and science games. Kids can challenge their friends to see who can retrieve the Poseidon Rings from the ocean floor the fastest. Just press the buttons to activate the “Bernoulli Principle” and change the trajectory of the ring. With STEM authentication, kids will learn the principles of fluid dynamics as they play – all with no batteries or wifi required!

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