Machine Gun Kelly Tries To Disband Metal Band Slipknot, Gets Dragged Out


Machine Gun Kelly is getting dragged on social media by Slipknot fans following MGK’s comments about the metal band at Riot Fest this weekend.

According to a report on Loudwire, released Monday, September 20, MGK was performing on the fourth and final day of Riot Fest 2021 in Chicago on Sunday, September 19 when it threw Slipknot under the bus.

Before performing his song “Jawbreaker”, MGK seemed to have criticized the rock band. “Hey, do you want to know what I’m really happy not to do?” Being 50, wearing a fucking weird fucking mask on a fucking stage, talking shit, ”he told the crowd. “So what’s everyone’s favorite candy anyway?” Reese’s songs?

Machine Gun Kelly’s vitriol towards Slipknot can be linked to an interview with band frontman Corey Taylor earlier this year in which he appears to have taken aim at MGK without mentioning his name.

“The [young artists] What really frustrates me are the ones who take something that’s been around forever and then rework it and call it new, even though it’s completely derivative, ”Taylor told Loudwire. Cutter rockcast back in February. “You know the group they are ripping – they don’t even try to rip off a bunch of groups; they are ripping a bunch. But the younger generation picks them up and says, ‘This is our blah, blah, blah,’ because they’re tired of old people telling them the music that came before them was better. And I don’t know who’s right, but I know both are wrong, because we should be cheering everything on. “

Taylor added that he was not impressed with some of the rock artists today, especially those who were previously in another genre and then decided to go into rock.

“I’m just as bad. I’m the worst foggy old dude who shakes his cane ever. And I hate everything,” he said. “I hate all new rock for the most part. [hate] artists who failed in a genre and decided to go rock – and I think he knows who he is. But this is another story.”

Slipknot fans weren’t happy with MGK’s criticism of the group and began dragging the 31-year-old rapper-turned-rocker. Several people believe his loss in his infamous rap bullock to Eminem in 2018 was the reason MGK got into the rock genre.

“Someone said mgk got fucked by eminem so badly that he had to switch genders,” tweeted one fan.

Another user typed: “MGK is a musician’s biggest joke, literally, face with tears of joy, the music sucks so bad that he has to resort to the starting bullock to get noticed. tried raping – ended with Eminem, now he’s criticizing Corey Taylor. Like, brother, what other genres are you trying to dip your toes into? Face with tears of joy Pathetic. “

Others are hoping that Slipknot and Eminem will team up and release a diss piece against MGK.

“So does that mean we’ll have a #Eminem and #Slipknot collaboration for a diss MGK track? Face with tears of joy Face with tears of joy Face with tears of joy they’re about to make her leave another genre, get ready for Country Kelly Face with Tears of Joy Face with Tears of Joy, “one person tweeted.

“Corey Taylor and Eminem should release a diss track on MGK because they both had to put up with his shit and because Corey always wanted to do a collaboration with Eminem,” said another fan.

Last week, MGK almost got into a fight with UFC fighter Conor McGregor at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. McGregor subsequently called him a “vanilla rapper.”

See more social media reactions to Machine Gun Kelly’s diss to Slipknot below.

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