Meet Metal Band ‘Mölar’ in Digitas Chicago’s Delta Dental Campaign


Digitas and Delta Dental have teamed up to launch a fun new campaign, “Long Live Smile Power”, showing that having dental insurance and a healthy smile is for everyone – even rock stars on the go.

The campaign centers around a metal band’s photoshoot to promote their upcoming tour. As the photographer orders them to look menacing to match their musical image, the band members can’t help but beam, flashing their smiles, as they are now covered by Delta Dental.

The campaign, which runs across all channels including TV/OLV, social media, billboard, radio and print, says no matter where you go or what you do, you can get coverage . Even if you don’t work at a traditional 9-5, have moved, changed jobs, or are retired, Delta Dental has you covered and is available to people from all walks of life.

“We understand that people at all stages of life seek peace of mind when it comes to enriching their overall health,” said André Richards, vice president, strategy and brand management, Delta. Dental Plans Association. “Delta Dental is committed to meeting these needs and providing everyone with a healthy smile. Through broad and bold humor, “Long Live Smile Power” confirms that assurance and shows what is possible, wherever life takes you, when you have your back. »

Tim Mattimore, ECD Digitas Chicago, said: “Our new work centers on a metal band, who sees the world in a different light having purchased dental insurance that can cover their needs wherever they go. The mockumentary-style campaign follows this group as they finally spread their wings and hit the road after years of uncertainty. We are delighted to partner with Delta Dental for this ambitious and groundbreaking work.


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