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Philip Stuckey, founder and CEO of FC Renew, has been inducted into the fifth cohort of Innovation Crossroads.

The program, held at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, enables leading innovators from across the country to develop their research for commercialization. To support his research and entrepreneurial efforts, Stuckey is an Affiliate Member of the East Tennessee State University Innovation Lab.

Audrey Depelteau, Director of the Innovation Lab, has known Stuckey since 2012 when he joined the Innovation Lab.

“Dr. Stuckey has impressive academic and scientific credentials as well as an unmatched sense of entrepreneurship with most of the researchers I advise,” said Depelteau. “During his tenure at the US Patent Agency- United, I had the opportunity to consult with Dr Stuckey while helping Innovation Lab clients navigate patent applications. However, Dr Stuckey’s true passion is to accelerate the commercial success of the industry. fuel cells, and its acceptance into the Innovation Crossroads program will take it to the next level.

Stuckey previously worked in eastern Tennessee while doing much of his doctoral and postdoctoral research at ORNL while studying at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He also held an Assistant Professor position at ETSU College of Business and Technology in 2013 teaching technical communications.

“I’m incredibly excited to be in the area,” Stuckey said. “The Innovation Crossroads program is a great benefit to the entrepreneurship scene in this type of technology, and connecting with the wider community is really important to us. Dr Depelteau has just been a great person to help network and connect resources and become a better part of this region. This strategic alliance is just amazing – everything helps. “

Stuckey founded FC Renew in 2020 to research and create zero-emission hydrogen fuel cells for the trucking industry. He will spend the two-year Crossroads Innovation Program developing technologies to extend the durability and life of fuel cells to over 30,000 hours or 1.2 million miles in heavy trucks. Being part of the Crossroads Innovation Cohort connects him to ORNL’s technology, labs, mentors and networks, in addition to a $ 200,000 research grant and living and travel allowances.

One of Stuckey’s primary goals for FC Renew is to expand green power and technology capabilities. He said being in eastern Tennessee, which is particularly connected to the Appalachian Highlands, fits that goal perfectly.

“There’s a lot of press and talk about making Tennessee the number one entrepreneurial destination in the country,” Stuckey said. “There is an incredible push to bring green energies and technologies to this region as well. They all play together. With Oak Ridge National Laboratory where I’m at, you have companies like Eastman, big chemical suppliers – something I can imagine aligning myself with and partnering with in this region – the Tennessee Valley Authority for production. and energy storage, then automotive manufacturing facilities. These are all facilities that could ultimately have vehicles in which my technologies could be used and on the road. Having all of these partners and people along the value chain of this industry in this region is a great solution. “

Prior to moving to Oak Ridge for Innovation Crossroads, Stuckey lived and worked in Alexandria, Virginia, as a patent examiner for almost eight years at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, reviewing patent applications at the Technology Center 1700: Chemical and Materials Engineering.

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