Metal group tours by crushing tourist destinations in a custom bus


A group from the San Francisco Bay Area is redefining what a tour means. Instead of just playing in clubs, punk / metal band Hemorage got themselves a bus to crush tourist destinations and metal shows with surprise performances.

Is it genius or madness? Either way, Hemorage took their bus from San Francisco to Oakland to Santa Cruz, blocking out anywhere they can get a dump of electricity. In 2021 alone, they performed in the Oracle Arena parking lot before a performance by Korn and System of a Down, outside the Fox Theater for Mastodon and Opeth fans, outside the Chase Center before a Metallica concert and many other places where metal fans gathered. .

Taking full advantage of their bus, Hemorage plastered the thing with QR codes that take you to the group’s Instagram. They also lined the inside of their merchandise.

The hemorrhages lost little time in 2022. They have already taken the bus to crash into the tourist sites of the city. “We stopped at Pier 39 across from the Hard Rock Cafe,” the group wrote. “We start to gather a crowd and the security guard has come halfway to the set and has figured out where our power supply is. [was] and unplugged it. People were disappointed and started booing him. He called the other security guards over the radio and they stopped but ended up asking for stickers. “

“Later that day we decided to stop at the bottom of the hill to do a renegade show after show. But the power was cut and our inverter blew up. We returned to our studio. We started to test our power supply and understand how we can produce a good amount [of] power without short-circuiting anything. Our neighbor Mark was showing us different ways to feed an entire group and we were testing all the options. It’s like a science project. We’ll keep working on it until we find it!

Hats off to Hemorage for being creative and for bringing his music to the public! To support the band, visit their website or pick up some of their music through Bandcamp.

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